February 2017

Have you participated in SeedTALK?

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SeedTalk Image SeedTALK, CSGA’s new interactive member engagement platform, is your opportunity to inform CSGA of issues that matter most to you and your business. Let us know how CSGA can better serve you. We are asking for your feedback to help shape CSGA policies and member services going forward.

Starting is easy. After registration, complete our short 5-10 minute workbook focussed on the Key Results Areas of our draft Strategic Plan and follow up by participating in our online ideas challenge. Put forward your ideas on how best to improve the seed system for us and others to see and comment on, rate and build upon others’ ideas in formulating proposals.

We are listening. Please join the conversation.

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Seed Synergy Collaboration Survey

The Seed Synergy Collaboration Project, which is made up of six seed sector organizations, is currently developing a proposal for an industry-led and government enabled “Next Generation Seed System” in which competition encourages choice for producers and supports seed quality, while maintaining the commitment to safety that has always been inherent to the seed system in Canada. Please participate in this online survey to provide input on the Seed Synergy Collaboration draft vision for the future of the seed system.

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Invitation to SeedTALK Seminar in Saskatoon, March 22-23, 2017

CSGA and the Saskatchewan Seed Growers’ Association are jointly hosting a SeedTalk Seminar for all growers this spring as the industry adjusts to a number of changes affecting the production of seed crops. The event will be held Wednesday and Thursday, March 22-23 at the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon.

This is your opportunity to help design the Next Generation Seed System from the ground up. Be part of the brainstorming on needed changes to Circular 6, new working relationships with industry stakeholders to find a bigger voice for the seed industry, and a professional recognition program for seed growers.

In addition, CropLife Canada will be conducting a “Build your Binder” workshop to help seed treaters develop documentation to meet the Accredited Seed Treatment Operation Standards which came into effect January 1. Come build your own quality assurance manual for seed treating, tailored to your operation.

Registration for the 2-day event will be $50 for CSGA members and $100 for non-members and is being handled by the Saskatchewan branch at www.saskseed.ca. Registration opens on February 27, 2017, and ends on March 13, 2017. Seating is limited so please register soon not to be disappointed.

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New Video Resource – How is Certified Seed Produced?

CSGA YoutubeCSGA has created an animated video that walks people through how Canadian Certified seed is produced. Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words—let these images visually explain the importance of what you do!If you’re attending a farm show consider a continuous loop of this video on a TV or laptop.

If your seed business has a website, embed this video on your site. If you’re on social media, please share it with your followers. Help your potential clients understand certification.

Check out the video on CSGA’s YouTube channel.

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Notice of Fee Increase for 2017

Effective in 2017, the CSGA Membership Fee will increase $100.00 per member (to $200.00) and the Acreage Fee will increase $0.15 cents per acre (to $0.98 for conventional crops and to $1.00 for hybrid crops). These fee increases were approved at the 2016 Annual General Meeting in Clear Lake Manitoba and are the first since 2011. They are required to offset rising costs in a number of areas, most notably those stemming from the transition to alternative service delivery of seed crop inspection and related workload adjustments and information technology investments.

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Changes to Maximum Impurity Standards for Wheat Crops in Effect in 2017

Changes to Circular 6 for 2017 include revisions to the varietal purity standards for wheat. The new standards for a maximum number of off-types/other varieties per 10,000 plants will be 1 for Foundation, 3 for Registered and 8 for Certified. For your information, the respective AOSCA standards are 3.3, 5 and 10.

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New Application Deadline Dates for 2017

Crop application deadline dates have been revised for fababeans, winter canola/rapeseed and soybeans effective in 2017. Submit your application for seed crop certification to the CSGA by the following deadline dates. Application packages for the 2017 crop season will be going out to members in late March. Applications will be accepted in the Members’ Area of the CSGA website starting on May 1st.

  • May 5 for winter canola/rapeseed
  • May 25 for fall seeded cereals
  • June 10 for fababeans, forages, flax, canola, mustard, corn and field peas
  • June 20 for all other crops not listed here
  • July 10 for field beans and buckwheat
  • July 20 for soybeans
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CSGA is on Twitter!

CSGA Twitter @seedgrowersFollow us for the seed information that matters most to you and your seed business.

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Contact Us

CSGA staff is here to help and guide you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember the CSGA national office operates in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone.

Telephone: (613) 236-0497, Fax: (613) 563-7855, Email: communications@seedgrowers.ca
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8455, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3T1
Courier Address: 240 Catherine Street, Suite 202, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2G8
Visit http://seedgrowers.ca/contact-us/ for complete contact information for our staff members.

Have YOU participated?

We are looking to members to provide feedback on our draft Strategic Plan. Once endorsed, the plan will shape CSGA policies and member services. Please take a few minutes to register and complete a short survey.

We are looking for YOUR opinion on Circular 6 Modernization, a Seed Grower Designate Program, Plant Breeders Rights, Inspections, CSGA services and many more. Join the conversation online today and hurry! This engagement ends Friday!


Avez-VOUS participé?

Nous sommes à la recherche de membres pour nous donner leur rétroaction sur l’ébauche de notre Plan stratégique. Une fois entériné, le plan façonnera les politiques et les services aux membres de l’ACPS. Veuillez prendre quelques minutes pour vous inscrire et répondre à un court sondage.

Nous aimerions connaître VOTRE opinion sur la modernisation de la Circulaire 6, un programme de désignation de producteur de semences, la protection des obtentions végétales, les inspections, les services de l’ACPS et bien d’autres. Joignez-vous à la conversation aujourd’hui même. Faites vite! Cette consultation prend fin vendredi.