March 2017

Seed Businesses Encouraged to Complete CFIA’s Cost Recovery Initiative Impact Assessment Questionnaire

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is requesting your participation in their first phase of consultations to advance CFIA’s Cost Recovery Initiative. Information is being sought from businesses on the general characteristics of their business and insights on the impacts of potential fee increases. Information obtained from this questionnaire will inform the development of a detailed CFIA cost recovery proposal. Please complete this questionnaire by Friday, March 31, 2017.

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What's Your Idea? SeedTALK is an Engagement Platform Designed for YOU!

This phase of the consultation closes on March 24th! Make your voice heard and provide your feedback.

SeedTalk Image CSGA launched an interactive platform in early February to hear your opinion on issues that matter most to you and your business. This particular engagement is ending soon, and we are asking for your feedback to help shape CSGA policies and member services going forward. All ideas will be used to shape and improve the seed system for us and others, and continue making us a leading example of the industry worldwide. Your views can only be heard if you take the time to participate, and we know our members are keen on speaking up.

SeedTALK has two avenues, a 5-10 minute workbook focussed on the Key Results Areas of our draft Strategic Plan, and an Ideation platform which allows individuals to share their ideas and comment, rate, and build upon the ideas of others. We need YOU to be the voice of change and share your great ideas with your community.

Together we can improve the CSGA and the seed industry, so what are you waiting for?

Join the conversation now! You have until Friday, March 24th to participate in this phase of the consultation.

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CSGA Advocates on Behalf of Seed Growers at CFA’s Annual Meeting in Ottawa

Leaders representing Canadian farm groups gathered in Ottawa on February 24th for the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) 2017 Annual Meeting and examined policy options to better position the industry for growth.  CFA Board Member and CSGA’s President, Kevin Runnalls, was in attendance and advocated on behalf of seed growers at the meeting.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay emphasized the importance of farm organizations and governments working in partnership, especially in the evolving context of the international trade. He also spoke about the Agriculture Policy Framework, which is now being developed and will be finalized by federal and provincial agriculture ministers this July.

Attendees discussed international trade concerns with Pamela Goldsmith Jones, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade, who talked about progress with the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA) as well as other trade negotiations.

Dominic Barton, Chair of the Finance Minister’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth, presented highlights from the council’s report released last month, which recommended ways to help create the conditions for strong and sustained long-term economic growth. Farm groups are pleased to see that agriculture has been showcased in the report as a sector that has immense growth potential.

CFA members passed 40 resolutions that will guide its advocacy efforts in the coming year. This year’s resolutions cover a range of issues, including: program funding, trade, rural infrastructure, risk management, transportation, tax policy, climate change, food safety, crop protection, labour, data and digital technology, and other topics.  For more information, read CFA’s Press Release.

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Are You an Accredited Plot Producer?

SeedTalk ImageAre you an accredited Plot Producer?  Select plot production provides a significant opportunity for experienced seed growers in Canada.  Plot production is used in Canada for the first multiplication of Breeder seed in seed certification for most non-hybrid annual crops.  Plant breeders typically work with CSGA-accredited Select Plot Producers to multiply the Breeder seed of their new variety into subsequent pedigreed classes (Foundation, Registered and Certified classes).

Financial and competitive benefits can be realized from early access to new traits and genetics and gaining a strong understanding of the agronomic characteristics and management needs of a new variety. Seed customers also appreciate Select Plot Producers’ hard work at removing off-types, sanitizing their plot planting and harvesting equipment and carefully segregating plot seed storage in order to produce clean, high-quality seed as they increase the supply of new varieties.

Succession Planning
Select plot production accreditation is linked to an individual seed grower.  Succession plans are required for situations where an accredited plot producer is no longer able to produce Select plots.  If there is only access to a single accredited Plot Producer, the company risks losing access to self-produced Select status seed if their accredited producer is no longer able to produce Select Plots.

An effective Select Plot succession plan ensures that a second or third seed grower in the business has also been accredited by CSGA a Plot Producer. In the event of a death, retirement or partnership separation, a succession plan ensures the business can continue to produce its own Select Plots. If a seed grower family business or partnership is suddenly left without their accredited Plot Producer, another family member or partner must then complete the three-year Probation Plot process to become a CSGA-accredited Plot Producer.

How to Get Started
In order to become a CSGA accredited plot producer, an individual seed grower must successfully complete a three-year probation in plot production.  Before probation can begin, interested applicants with experience producing pedigreed seed of the same crop they intend to produce during the probation for three of the past five years, must submit a formal application to CSGA and receive permission from CSGA to begin.

Interested growers must submit an Application to Commence Probation Plot Production to the CSGA office prior to March 31 for spring-seeded crops and July 31 for fall-seeded crops.

More Information

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Contact Us

CSGA staff is here to help and guide you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember the CSGA national office operates in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone.

Telephone: (613) 236-0497, Fax: (613) 563-7855, Email:
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8455, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3T1
Courier Address: 240 Catherine Street, Suite 202, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2G8
Visit for complete contact information for our staff members.

Have YOU participated?

We are looking to members to provide feedback on our draft Strategic Plan. Once endorsed, the plan will shape CSGA policies and member services. Please take a few minutes to register and complete a short survey.

We are looking for YOUR opinion on Circular 6 Modernization, a Seed Grower Designate Program, Plant Breeders Rights, Inspections, CSGA services and many more. Join the conversation online today and hurry! This engagement ends Friday!


Avez-VOUS participé?

Nous sommes à la recherche de membres pour nous donner leur rétroaction sur l’ébauche de notre Plan stratégique. Une fois entériné, le plan façonnera les politiques et les services aux membres de l’ACPS. Veuillez prendre quelques minutes pour vous inscrire et répondre à un court sondage.

Nous aimerions connaître VOTRE opinion sur la modernisation de la Circulaire 6, un programme de désignation de producteur de semences, la protection des obtentions végétales, les inspections, les services de l’ACPS et bien d’autres. Joignez-vous à la conversation aujourd’hui même. Faites vite! Cette consultation prend fin vendredi.