CSGA Announces Launch of SeedTalk

February 10, 2017

In July 2016, the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association launched a one year project to develop a new Strategic Plan. Central to the success of this project is our ability to ensure that your aspirations are reflected in the Plan.  To date, engagement with membership in its development has been conducted through face to face discussions at member meetings across the country. With the launch of SeedTalk, CSGA’s new interactive member engagement platform, we are now taking this conversation online to all members.

This is your opportunity to let us know how CSGA can better serve you. Your ongoing participation in the SeedTalk online community will help shape CSGA policies and member services going forward. Starting is easy. Complete our short 5-10 minute workbook focussed on the Key Results Areas of our draft Strategic Plan and follow up by participating in our online challenge. Put forward your ideas for us and others to see and comment on, rate and build upon others’ ideas in formulating proposals. We are counting on you to join the conversation.

As you will note when you read our questions and the draft strategic plan upon which they are based, it puts significant emphasis on partnerships. In fact, potential changes to the seed regulatory system and these key partnerships was the main reason for the CSGA’s Board’s decision to launch a strategic planning process in the first place. It was also the main reason why CSGA is coordinating its strategic planning process with another project, the Seed Synergy Collaboration.

The Seed Synergy Collaboration Project is a joint undertaking of six seed sector organizations (the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association, the Canadian Seed Trade Association, the Canadian Seed Institute, CropLife Canada, the Canadian Plant Technology Agency, and the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada) in the early stages of developing a potential proposal to government on a “Next Generation Seed System.” It too is running an online consultation on a proposed “Next Generation Seed System” and is seeking your participation in the Seed Synergy Survey. Please complete this survey before moving on to SeedTalk.

Thank you for participating!