Seed Production in Ontario Valued at $1 Billion

October 1, 2013

A recent report commissioned by the Ontario Seed Growers’ Association (OSGA) from the George Morris Centre estimated that the total economic impact of the certified seed industry in Ontario is close to $1 billion, with this economy-wide activity resulting in employment of almost 15,000 persons. This is very significant for small Ontario communities where production, cleaning/conditioning, processing and packaging of certified seeds create local employment giving depth and diversity to local rural economies.  “Ontario Pedigreed Seed Industry Economic Impact Study: An Update” follows a study done in 2002 which estimated value based on a survey of farm gate sales. This 2013 study estimates economic values of the seed industry on a basis that extends beyond simply the farm gate to reflect its fundamental roles as a support industry for crop production.  Approximately 195,000 acres of Ontario farmland was under inspected seed production in 2012, with estimated certified seed revenues of over $462 million, contributing an estimated $648 million to GDP.  The almost 15,000 person full-time employment is estimated at just over $430 million in wages and salaries; taxes generated are an estimated $21 million.  The project lead for the George Morris Centre was Al Mussell, Senior Research Associate, with research done by Irena Rajcan, Research Analyst.  Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association provided the funding for this report as members there recognize the increased value in crop yield when utilizing certified seed.  This report may be obtained at the following link: