Mission Statement & Objectives

CSGA’s Mission Statement is to:

Represent members by:

  • Advancing a grower perspective on issues related to seed;
  • Providing leadership to members and engaging in activities designed to give members a voice on seed related matters; and
  • Supporting members in gaining and maintaining knowledge of seed crop certification.

Advance the seed industry by:

  • Promoting the benefits of pedigreed seed throughout the seed industry and to end-users;
  • Advocating the use of the seed certification system as an integral part of identity preserved and quality assurance programs;
  • Cooperating with researchers, growers and processors to expand the use of pedigreed seed; and
  • Facilitating transfer of end-use specific traits from research to commercial use through pedigreed seed.

Provide seed crop certification by:

  • Developing varietal purity standards and regulations for pedigreed seed crop production;
  • Maintaining a verifiable seed certification system; and
  • Certifying the varietal purity of pedigreed seed crops.


The objectives of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association are:

  1. To ensure, and certify to, the varietal purity of seed produced by its members and to maintain the pedigree thereof.
  2. To identify, and certify to, for purposes other than further pedigreeing, the varietal purity of seed produced from superior propagating material.
  3. To encourage the development and introduction of superior varieties and strains of plants.
  4. To develop programs which expand the use of Pedigreed Seed for increased domestic crop production and for export.
  5. Generally to contribute to the establishment and maintenance of high standards in yield and quality of agriculture crops.
  6. To co-operate with other agencies which have an interest in seed production, promotion and distribution both in Canada and abroad.
  7. To coordinate the endeavours of Pedigreed seed growers with those of plant breeders and crop producers in general.