Certification Requirements

The Canadian Regulations and Procedures for Pedigreed Seed Crop Production, commonly referred to as Circular 6, sets out the requirements that a seed grower and a seed crop must meet for seed crop certification. Those needing assistance with the interpretation of these requirements are invited to contact CSGA for clarification.

The definition of terms relevant to the production of pedigreed seed, including those referenced in Circular 6, can be found in the Glossary of Terms.

Using this Publication

The first section entitled General Requirements for All Pedigreed Seed Crops describes the requirements that are applicable to all pedigreed seed crops including membership and an application for seed crop certification.

The remaining sections of Circular 6 describe the crop-specific standards (e.g. land use, isolation, impurity standards) for the relevant crop kind and class. To download the Crop Specific Standard document, type the crop kind and class being produced in the Search tool below. Please ensure you have reviewed both the General Requirements document along with the Crop Specific Standard document for the crop kind you intend to produce before confirming your seeding plans.

Accredited Plot Growers can find the requirements that are applicable to plot production in the General Requirements for Plot Production section. Probationary Growers can find the requirements that are applicable to probation plot production in the General Requirements for Probation Plot Production section. Those interested in becoming a CSGA-accredited plot producer can visit this page for requirements and application information.


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Changes to Certification Requirements

Certification requirements and standards are continuously reviewed by crop-specific working groups. Changes to Circular 6 are announced on February 1st of every year. Please review the applicable sections of Circular 6 every year for the latest updates before seeding to plan accordingly.

Certification requirements and standards changes have been made to Circular 6 effective for the 2024 growing season. Download the Notice of Changes for a description of these changes.