Provincial Branch Annual General Meetings

Please contact your provincial branch for more information.

  • February 16, 2023: Quebec Branch in Riviere du loup, QC

– The Maritime Branch held its AGM November 23, 2022 in Moncton, NB
– The Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association held its AGM December 8, 2022 in Headingley, MB
– The Saskatchewan Seed Growers’ Association held its AGM January 12, 2023 in Saskatoon, SK
– The Ontario Seed Growers’ Association held its AGM January 26, 2023 in Cambridge/Guelph, ON
– The Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers Association held its AGM February 2, 2023 in Edmonton, AB

CSGA Annual General Meeting

  • July 9 – 10, 2023 in St. John’s, Newfoundland
    • More details to come

Application Deadline Dates

Submit your application for seed crop certification and membership to the CSGA by the following deadline dates:

  • May 5 for winter canola/rapeseed
  • May 25 for fall seeded cereals
  • June 10 for fababeans, forages, flax, canola, mustard, corn and field peas
  • June 20 for all other crops not listed here
  • July 10 for field beans and buckwheat
  • July 25 for soybeans