Production Forms

The following forms are used in different contexts to complete seed crop certification requirements.

Appeal Application
Growers wishing to appeal a decision on an inspected crop to the CSGA Board of Directors submit an Appeal Application, along with applicable fees, to the CSGA by October 15th of the year of crop inspection for most crop kinds.

Application for Variety Certification Eligibility
Each new seed variety of crop kinds exempt from registration, which will be identified by variety name on official seed certification tags must have its certification eligibility recognized by CSGA.  An Application for Variety Certification Eligibility, including applicable fees, a variety description and a reference seed sample is sent in to the CSGA office in the first year of official seed crop certification in Canada. This form is not required for most experimental or Breeder seed crops.

Application to Commence Plot Production
Seed growers wishing to produce Select and Foundation plots can obtain CSGA accreditation through the successful production of probation plots. Before becoming an accredited plot grower, applicants must first complete a three year probation program in plot production and must have first produced pedigreed seed, of the crop kind they intend to produce during the probation period, in three of the last five years. Applicants submit an Application to Commence Probation Plot Production form to the CSGA office by March 31st for spring-seeded crops and prior to July 31st for fall-seeded crops.  Applicants will receive written confirmation whether they have met CSGA requirements and may begin their probation plot production.

Declaration of Percent Hybrid
Each hybrid seed production crop must declare the percent hybridity of the resulting seed to the CSGA office to ensure the field crop minimum hybridity standards before certification can be completed.

The hybridity declaration is now part of the E-Form which is used to upload supporting documentation such as erucic acid test results.  The link to the E-Form can be found on the Members’ Area under the “Forms” tab.  Select “Hybrid Canola Support Documentation & Declaration”.

Land Use Verification
If you are uncertain of the eligibility of your land for pedigreed seed crop production, a completed Land Use Verification form can be submitted to the CSGA office prior to planting.  CSGA will review the proposed land use plan and will send confirmation on whether the plan meets CSGA’s production requirements.

Refuge Declaration
Pest tolerant pedigreed seed crops, with variety descriptions that include refuge verification additional certification requirements, must submit a Refuge Declaration to the CSGA to complete the certification of that crop. Additional resources are provided here for growers producing midge tolerant wheat crops.

Report on Plot Production
All Select and Foundation seed production plots must submit a report on their plot production before certification can be completed.  The form provides important feedback to the plant breeder on the adaptability, genetic stability, uniformity and performance of a variety in the region where the plot is being produced.

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