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In this issue:
  • Mark Your Calendars for July 7!
  • Reminder of Opportunity to Submit Resolutions
  • CSGA’s 2019 Annual Report is Now Available!
  • In Case You Missed It! Amalgamation Ratification Package and Town Hall Registration
  • Seed Synergy Partner Webinars
In this issue:
  • Notice of the CSGA Annual General Meeting
  • Have Your Say! Reminder of CSGA’s Seed Regulatory Modernization Survey
  • Are You Minimizing Your Inspection Needs? CSGA’s Definition of a Field
  • Bee Kind
  • COVID-19 and the CSGA
In this issue:
  • Changes to CSGA Bylaws
  • Temporary Fees for the 2020-2021 Crop Season
  • Circular 6: New and Improved Version for 2020
  • The 2020 Crop Season has begun!
  • In Case You Missed It: CSGA & CSTA Joint Annual
    Meeting Cancellation
  • In Case You Missed It: CSGA Business Continuity During COVID-19
  • Resource: Canadian Food Inspection Agency Webpages on COVID-19
In this issue:
  • Reminder of Invitation to Comment on Proposed Temporary Fee Increase for 2020-2021
  • Reminder of CSGA Special General Meeting
  • Circular 6 Modernization Continues Revised Standards in effect for the 2020 Crop Production Season
In this issue:
  • Year End Message from President
In this issue:
  • CSGA’s 115th Annual Meting
  • Notice of Special General Meeting
  • CSGA Modernizes Standard for Wild Oats
  • Invitation to Participate in a Survey on Precision Agriculture Conducted by the University of Guelph
  • Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference
In this issue:
  • Grain Discovery and CSGA Pilot Next Generation of Food Traceability
  • Late Spring Seeding: Grace Periods on Application Deadline Dates
In this issue:
  • CSGA, in collaboration with CSTA, invite you to the 2019 Annual Meeting in Whistler, B.C.!
  • Circular 6 Update
  • CSGA secures funding to develop National Occupational Standards and an online education platform
  • CSGA encourages seed growers to invest in plot production
  • Farewell to Gaye O’Bertos
In this issue:
  • White Paper: Decision Time - Next Generation Seed System
  • First Phase of Value Creation Consultations Complete
  • Seed Growers Lend a Hand to Support a National Soil Initiative
  • Announcement: CSGA Board Votes in Favour of Change to Year End
In this issue:
  • Reminder: Notice of Special Member Meeting
  • AAFC and CFIA initiate consultations on potential new value creation models
  • Your input in CFIA’s annual survey helps bring improvements to the seed inspection system
  • Select seed and its multiplications
  • How can CSGA help you market your carry-over seed?
In this issue:
  • Presidents' Message
  • CSGA Releases Its 2017-2018 Annual Report
  • Introducing Your 2018-2019 Board of Directors
  • Honoring the Industry’s Best - A look at this year’s award recipients
  • Federal Government’s Economic Strategy Tables Made Public
  • Seed Synergy Partners a Submission to the 3-Year Targeted Regulatory Review Process for Agri-Food and Aquaculture
  • Thank You to Our Sponsors
In this issue:
  • Application Packages
  • Circular 6 Modernization Survey – Have you participated?
  • Canadian Regulation Changes in 2018
  • Updates to Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Service Providers
  • New Process for Entering New Varieties into CSGA’s System
  • Rendez-vous Montreal 2018 – Charting the Future of Canada’s Seed System
  • New Secretary-Manager at Ontario Seed Growers' Association
  • 8th Annual Meeting of the National Association of Plant Breeders
  • Don't Miss Out on CSGA's 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities
In this issue:
  • Regulation Changes in Effect in 2018 - Circular 6 Updated & Published Online
  • Last Call for the Seed Synergy Online Survey
  • We Want to See You in Montreal 2018!
  • Notice from Health Canada for Importers of Pesticide-Treated Seeds
  • Please Bee Friendly!
  • Are You an Accredited Plot Producer?
  • Looking Ahead to Spring - Does Your Land Meet Land Use Requirements?
  • Tips to Avoid Plants Breeders’ Rights Infringements
  • Eastern Canada sees first Canadian Global Crops Symposium in Toronto
In this issue:
  • Proposed Changes to Circular 6 in 2018? We Want to Hear From You
  • What a ”Next Generation” Seed System for Canada Should Look Like - Participate in Seed Synergy Project Regional Workshops and/or Share Your Ideas Online
  • New Survey Identifies Labour Challenges for Seed Growers
  • The Ontario Branch Raises Its Acreage Fee
  • Save the Date! Annual General Meeting Notice
  • National Food Policy Council Proposal
In this issue:
  • Season's Greetings
  • Committed to Circular 6 Modernization
  • Pedigreed Trends, Issues and Acreage Report
  • The Seed Synergy Green Paper
  • Have you read CSGA’s Strategic Plan, circulated with the November issue of Seed to Succeed?
  • Notice of Holiday Office Closure
CSGA Seed Scoop 2017
In this issue:
  • At a Crossroads: Where Do We Grow From Here? Seed Synergy Green Paper
  • In Case You Missed It! Strategic Plan 2017-2023
  • Appeal Applications - Deadline Notice
  • Sending in Plot Seed Samples?
  • Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Agreements: The New Online System Depends on YOU!
  • Working Towards 100% Implementation of the Accredited Seed Treatment Operation Standards
  • Get Paid on Time, Every Time!
  • Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Licenses Distribution Rights for Select Pulse Varieties
  • Harold Rudy Inducted to Soil Conservation Council of Canada’s Conservation Hall of Fame
  • Thank You Halifax! Recap of CSGA’S 113th Annual General Meeting
In this issue:
  • New in 2017! Deadline dates for soybeans have changed, be sure to submit by July 25th
  • 5 Tips & Reminders for your Seed Crop Certification Applications!
In this issue:
  • You’re Invited to CSGA's Annual General Meeting!
  • Have You Submitted Your Application For Seed Crop Certification?
  • Certified Seed - Helping Beer Stay Fresher Longer
In this issue:
  • Join us in Halifax!
In this issue:
  • Join us in Halifax
  • Application Packages Are Coming Your Way!
  • Plant Breeders’ Rights
  • Reminder to Select, Foundation and Probationary Plot Growers to Submit an Official Seed Sample for Variety Verification
In this issue:
  • Seed Businesses Encouraged to Complete CFIA’s Cost Recovery Initiative Impact Assessment Questionnaire
  • What's Your Idea? SeedTALK is an Engagement Platform Designed for YOU!
  • CSGA Advocates on Behalf of Seed Growers at CFA’s Annual Meeting in Ottawa
  • Are You an Accredited Plot Producer?
In this issue:
  • March 15 Registration Deadline for Saskatoon SeedTALK Seminar
  • March 10 Deadline for Participation in the Seed Synergy Collaboration Survey
  • In Memory of René Daoust
In this issue:
  • Have you participated in SeedTALK?
  • Seed Synergy Collaboration Survey
  • Invitation to SeedTALK Seminar in Saskatoon, March 22-23, 2017
  • New Video Resource – How is Certified Seed Produced?
  • Notice of Fee Increase for 2017
  • Changes to Maximum Impurity Standards for Wheat Crops in Effect in 2017
  • New Application Deadline Dates for 2017
  • CSGA is on Twitter!
In this issue:
  • 2016 Census of Agriculture benefits farmers
  • New Online Training Program for Retailers
  • Improved Members Area Released
  • Applications
  • Hybrid Rye Production
  • SeCan 40th Anniversary Event
  • You’re Invited to CSGA's Annual General Meeting!
In this issue:
  • Feedback Requested to Proposed Amendments to the Weed Seed Order
  • Do you have a Succession Plan?
  • CSGA's Executive Committee meets the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
  • Health Canada Consultation
  • Busy Year for PBR Education and Enforcement
  • Agvocates Unite!
  • Changes in Crop Certification Requirements (Circular 6)
  • In case you missed it
In this issue:
  • Seed Synergy Update
  • Canadian Seed Growers’ Association Announces Hiring of Mike Scheffel
In this issue:
  • Continuing on…with Renewed Resolve and Purpose
  • CSAAC Annual $500 Post-Secondary Student Grant
  • Changes in Crop Certification Requirements (Circular 6) for 2015
  • Growing Certified Seed: Quality Comes First at Riddell Seed
  • Managing Risk and Creating Opportunity with Certified Seed
  • Happy Holidays
In this issue:
  • CSGA Recognized Once More for the Innovative Transformation of its Seed Crop Certification Business Processes
  • Submission Deadline Extended to November 5th. The CFIA is Inviting You to Participate in a Survey on the Seed Crop Inspection Program.
In this issue:
  • Make Sure Your Crops are Included in Provincial Seed Guides and the National Seed Locator
  • New Seed Sample Bags & Procedures for 2015
  • When does a Seed Grower need to be Registered as a Bulk Storage Facility?
In this issue:
  • Annual General Meeting 2015 Recap
  • CSGA's 2015 Board of Directors
  • Glyn Chancey Chosen as New Executive Director of CSGA
  • Recognizing Seed Industry's Best
  • The Association of Official Seed Certification Agencies (AOSCA) Awards Two Canadians Honorary Membership Awards
  • Next Year's Annual Meeting is in Manitoba!
  • Thank You to our 2015 Annual Meeting Sponsors
In this issue:
  • Deadline Dates
  • New in 2015 – Maps Required for all Fields
  • Better Baking with Certified Seed
  • Join us in Montreal
In this issue:
  • Alternative Service Delivery – What’s New in 2015?
  • Application Packages, Fees and Deadline Dates
  • When and How to Submit Seed Tags
  • Field Definition
  • Forage Survey Results
  • Save the Date! Annual General Meeting Notice
  • Passages
In this issue:
  • Wishing a long and happy retirement to a good friend, colleague and mentor
  • Changes in Crop Certification Requirements (Circular 6) for 2015
  • Holiday Office Hours
In this issue:
  • President's Message
  • Past President's Message
  • Variety Registration Update
  • Deadline Extended - Invitation from the CFIA to Provide Feedback on Alternative Service Delivery
  • Midge Tolerant Wheat Varieties - Additional Certification Requirement
  • Reconstituted Flax Varieties - Additional Certification Requirement
  • Seed Samples and Form 50's
In this issue:
  • Major Changes to the Application for Seed Crop Certification
  • Penalty and Payment Changes in 2014
  • Changes to Circular 6
  • Leonard Haney Remembered
  • Certified Seed Video Resources
In this issue:
  • Alternative Service Delivery Update
  • Winnipeg and Chatham Dates Announced for CSGA's 2-Day Seed School
  • Changes in Crop Certification Requirements (Circular 6) for 2014
  • Staffing and Job Opening Announcement
In this issue:
  • Notice of the Alternative Service Delivery Communication Plan
  • Will Your Crops Be Included in Provincial Seed Guides and the Online National Seed Locator?
  • Acreage Report
  • Passages
In this issue:
  • Notice of By-Law Changes
  • Tips to Complete Your Application
  • Ag More Than Ever
In this issue:
  • Approved Changes to Circular 6 2013 Now Posted to CSGA Website
  • Invitation to Submit Questions on Alternative Service Delivery
  • Probation Plots Reminder
  • Application Packages
  • Member Satisfaction Survey Notice
  • Invitation to Attend CSGA's Annual Meeting
In this issue:
  • Concentrating our Efforts on End-User Advocacy
  • Approved Changes to Circular 6 for 2013
In this issue:
  • Are you included in the Pedigreed Seed Locator Listings?
  • CSGA's Website is getting a New Look
In this issue:
  • CSGA 2011 Annual General Meeting
  • 2011 CSGA Award Recipients