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In this issue:
  • Today is the Last Day for AGM Early Bird Pricing!
  • Call for AGM Member Proposals
  • Spring 2023 Letter from CSGA’s Executive Director
  • CSGA on the Move!
  • Crop Application Deadlines Are Upon Us
  • Reminders for the 2023 Crop Season
  • Don’t Forget Your Maps!
  • Thank you!
In this issue:
  • Please Participate in Our Digital Tag Survey
  • How We’re Responding to The SRM Pre-Consultation Survey
  • CSGA In Action
  • Become an Accredited Seed Grower – Because Nobody Knows More About Certified Seed Production Than You!
  • Get Ready for the Annual CSGA-ASCIS Association Webinar
  • CSGA Update at Branch AGMs
  • Sustainable Agriculture Strategy Producer Engagement Sessions
  • New Variety Adoption in Western Canada
  • Are You Interested in Cover Crops?
In this issue:
  • CSGA Awarded AAFC AgriAssurance Program Funding
  • We Want Your Feedback on Digital Seed Tags
  • Revised Circular 6 Available Online
  • Congratulations to our 2022 Long Service Seed Growers!
  • Logging into SeedCert
  • Looking to Purchase Seed for Next Crop Season?
  • On The Edge of Canada! CSGA’s Annual General Meeting
  • CSGA Webinars Available Online
  • Train Your Team with CSGA Learn
  • Deadline Approaching to Apply to Start Plot Probation Production
  • Recognizing Breeding Achievement – 2023 CPBI Recipients
In this issue:
  • Warmest Holiday Wishes from Your CSGA President
  • Circular 6 Notice of Changes
  • Remember to Complete Your Digital Seed Crop Certificates
  • Reminder! We’re Reviewing the Regulations and Procedures for Breeder Seed
  • CFA’s Year-End Update to CSGA
  • CSGA In Action
  • CSGA Office Holiday Closure
  • Enroll in CSGA Learn
In this issue:
  • We've Been Busy!
  • Seven Seed Grower Organizations Connected, Communicating and Collaborating
  • Missed Our Standards Setting Webinar? Watch It Now
  • Have Your Say on Proposed Revisions to the Breeder Seed Regulations
  • Have You Signed Up for CSGA Learn?
  • Letter from Our Executive Director
  • The 2022 CSGA Seed Crop Certification Acreage and Membership Report is Here!
  • Mark Your Calendars for the Branch AGMs
In this issue:
  • Join Us! Learn About How We Develop Our Standards
  • Consultation Now Open on Proposed Breeder Seed Regulations Changes
  • Don't Forget, Consultation on Circular 6 Changes is Open!
In this issue:
  • A Message from President Dale Connell
  • Circular 6 Consultation on Proposed Changes
  • Finalize Your Digital Seed Crop Certificates in SeedCert
  • Tell Us How We Are Doing
  • Save the Date for St. John's, NL!
In this issue:
  • Harvest Continues Across Canada! Check Your Certification Status
  • CSGA Meets with Minister Bibeau
  • Upcoming Consultation on Breeder Seed Regulations Review
  • Seed Sample Bags for Plot Growers
  • Have You Got Three Minutes?
  • We Did It Again! CSGA Passes Annual ISO Certification Audit
  • Get Your Seed Included in this Year’s Seed Listings! Your Consent is Required
In this issue:
  • Summary of CSGA's Annual General Meeting
  • Your New CSGA Board of Directors - Welcome!
  • CSGA Honours Eight for Their Profound Contributions
  • CSGA Updates on AOSCA and OECD
  • Reminders For The 2022 Crop Season
  • Thank You to Our AGM Sponsors
In this issue:
  • CSGA’s 2021-2022 Annual Report is Now Available
  • Don’t Wait! AGM Registration Closes Soon
  • AGM Member Resolutions
  • SeedCert is Your Certification Window
  • Thank You to Our AGM Sponsors
In this issue:
  • Reminder - CSGA’s 2022 AGM is Wednesday, July 6
  • Please Submit Your AGM Resolutions
  • Introducing CSGA’s New Accredited Seed Grower (ASG) Designation
  • Promote Your Expertise with Digital Badges
  • New to Seed Production? You Have a Strong Support System
  • Thank You to Our AGM Sponsors
In this issue:
  • Delayed Spring Seeding: Grace Periods on Application Deadline Dates
  • Who Should be on Your CSGA Membership Account?
  • CSGA Invited as Witness at Senate Standing Committee on Bill S-6
  • CSGA’s 2022 AGM is Wednesday, July 6
  • CSGA Joins the Agriculture Carbon Alliance
  • Looking for your Crop Certificate in SeedCert?
  • The CSGA-ASCIS Association May 24 Webinar is Now Available Online
  • New Health Canada Guidance on Plant Breeding Innovation
In this issue:
  • Bill S-6, An Act Respecting Regulatory Modernization is Tabled in Senate
  • Join CSGA and Germination for a Seed Regulatory Modernization Webinar
  • Reminders for the 2022 Crop Season
  • Understanding the 2022 Application Season: A CSGA and ASCIS Association Webinar
  • Government of Canada Considering Changes to Pesticide Regulatory System
In this issue:
  • The 2022 Crop Application Season Has Begun
  • Save The Date For The CSGA AGM 2022
  • CSGA’s British Columbia Branch to Merge With Alberta Branch
  • Update on Seed Regulatory Modernization
  • Seeking New Members for The Canadian Agricultural Youth Council!
  • Canadian Plant Breeder Innovation Scholarship Winners
In this issue:
  • CSGA Update on Seed Regulatory Modernization
  • Revised Circular 6 Available Online
  • Congratulations to our Long Service Seed Growers
In this issue:
  • SeedTalk Prairies – Sign up for the SRM Update Webinar
  • CFIA Announces “What We Heard” From SRM Consultation
  • CFIA Looking for SRM Task Team Volunteers
  • Looking to Purchase Seed for Next Crop Season? 
  • AWSA Releases Updated Accredited Seed Treatment Operation Standards
In this issue:
  • Happy Holidays from CSGA President
  • Circular 6 Notice of Changes
  • CSGA Supports Health Canada’s Final Guidance on Plant Breeding Innovation
  • Reminder to Complete Your Digital Seed Crop Certificates
  • CSGA Office Closed for the Holidays
In this issue:
  • CSGA Members Approve New Fee Schedule
  • Over 1.25M Acres Certified in 2021
  • Branch AGMs – Mark Your Calendars and Get Engaged
In this issue:
  • Registration Deadline for CSGA’s Special General Meeting
  • Participate in a Survey on Seed Variety Licensing and Production
  • Are You Passionate About Cyber Security?
In this issue:
  • Notice to Members on Board of Directors' Proposed Fee Schedule
In this issue:
  • Notice of Special General Meeting
  • Reminder - Consultation Open on Proposed Changes to Circular 6
In this issue:
  • CSGA Commits to Consultations on Proposed Changes to Circular 6
  • Requesting Feedback on Proposed Changes to Circular 6 - Buckwheat and Cereals
  • CSGA Sends Comment Letter to the CFIA on Part V of the Seeds Regulations
  • Reminder - Fee Review Consultation Now Open
  • Hay West 2021
In this issue:
  • How Will Seed Yields Be Affected by the Western Canada Drought?
  • Tune In Tonight to the National Agriculture Leaders’ Debate
  • Easing the Transition to Digital Crop Certificates
  • Ensure Your Seed is Included in this Year’s Seed Listings! Your Consent is Required
  • CSGA Supports Soil Superheroes
  • GrowCanada 2021
In this issue:
  • Field Conditions Across the Country
  • Reminder: Digital Crop Certificates Have Launched in SeedCert
  • Customization for Seed Guide Listings and Carry-Over Seed
  • Double Cropping
  • CSGA Member Health Insurance Survey
  • Survey for Prairie Growers: Licensing of New Seed Varieties
In this issue:
  • A Message of Congratulations to Dr. Harvey from President Joe Rennick
  • Digital Crop Certificates Are Coming Soon
  • Application Deadline Dates Are Upon Us
  • Third Party Account Authorizations
  • Mechanical Purity Research Project Update
  • CSGA has Moved!
  • Share Your Thoughts on Which Plants Should be Subject to Part V of The Seeds Regulations
  • Health Canada Announces New Measures for Use of Neonics
In this issue:
  • CSGA 2.0 – Preparing for the Future
  • Seed Regulatory Modernization Updates
  • CSGA is Moving!
  • Support the Census of Agriculture
  • CSGA Sending Letter of Support to Health Canada Regarding Novel Food Regulations
  • New Map/GPS Mandatory Requirements for 2021 Applications
  • Reminder: Authorizing a Third Party to Submit a Seed Crop Certification Application on Your Behalf
  • Reminder: Fee Structure for 2021
  • National Farmer Mental Health Survey Extended
In this issue:
  • CSGA Unveils its Business Plan
  • Recap of the 117th CSGA Annual General Meeting
  • The New CSGA Board of Directors
  • Reminders for the 2021 Crop Season
  • Thank You to Our AGM Sponsors
  • Help Shape Plant Breeding Innovation
In this issue:
  • CSGA’s 2020 Annual Report is Now Available
  • Thank You to Our AGM Sponsors
In this issue:
  • Register to Attend CSGA's Annual General Meeting
  • Reminder of Opportunity to Submit Resolutions
  • Seed Regulatory Modernization Update
  • New Health Canada Novel Foods Consultation
  • CSGA Announces New Leadership
  • Participate in the 2021 National Survey of Farmer Mental Health
  • Thank You to Our AGM Sponsors
In this issue:
  • Reminder – Participate in the CFIA Seed Regulatory Modernization Survey by March 15
  • The 2021 Crop Season has Begun
  • CSGA Launches Mechanical Impurity Pilot Project
  • Register for CSGA’s Annual General Meeting
  • Opportunity to Submit a Member Resolution
In this issue:
  • Notice of Changes to Circular 6 for the 2021 Crop Production Season
  • Modernized Requirements for Plot Grower Accreditation
  • CSGA Enables All Seed Growers to Produce Foundation Status Seed
  • Changes to Canada’s Seeds Regulations Will Impact Seed Growers – Have Your Say Now
  • Notice of CSGA Annual General Meeting
  • Germination Awards
In this issue:
  • Branch AGMs – A Chance to Meet and Engage with Peers and Colleagues
  • Acreage and Membership Report
  • Do Not Forget to Settle Your Account Before February 1
  • Mark MacNaughton Steps Down from CSGA Board of Directors
  • Electronic Long Service Certificates
  • Scientists Sequence the Genome of 15 Varieties of Wheat
  • Seed Locator
  • CSGA Honorary Life Award Recipient Vernon Burrows has Passed
In this issue:
  • Seed Regulatory Modernization – A Once in a Generation Opportunity
  • Four Seed Organizations Vote to Amalgamate as Seeds Canada
  • CSGA: Ready for Change
  • CSGA In-Person AGM 2021 Cancelled
  • Federal Government Adds Seed Corn to the National Commodities List
  • Input Needed on Responsible Grain's Seed Selection and Use Module
  • How did COVID-19 Affect Your Farm Business in 2020?
  • Mitchell Japp Steps Down from CSGA Board of Directors
In this issue:
  • Attend the Virtual Interprovincial Meeting
  • CSGA Establishes Guidelines for Pedigreed Feminized Hemp Seed Production
  • Digital Crop Certificates: Call for Focus Group Participants
  • CFA Requests Enhancements to the AgriStability Program
  • Seed Regulatory Modernization Working Group Reviews Needs Assessment Survey
  • Responsible Grain – CSGA Helps Shape the Code of Practice for Canadian Grain Farmers
  • HR Management Support for Members
  • Midge Tolerant Wheat (MTW) Stewardship
  • Experiencing Impacts From COVID-19? Let Us Know
  • Seeds Canada-4 Ratification Package Distributed
In this issue:
  • A Follow-Up Letter To Members From CSGA President: Next Steps For The CSGA
  • Seed Sample Bags Have Been Sent Out!
  • Members of the Seed Regulatory Modernization Working Group (SRM-WG) Regroup
  • CSGA Passes Its Annual ISO Certification Audit With Flying Colours!
  • CSGA Seed System Modernization Work Attracts World Bank Attention
In this issue:
  • Did You Cast Your Vote?
  • The CSGA Board of Directors Invites You to Attend the August 27 Special General Meeting
  • Food For Thought!
  • Carry Over Seed and Seed Locator
  • Important Information Regarding Form 300 and Form 45 Seed Samples
  • Changes to Plot Seed Sample Requirements
  • Field Maps and GPS Coordinates
  • In Case You Missed It! Letter to Members from CSGA President
In this issue:
  • CSGA Long-Standing Board Advisor Inducted to the Canadian Agriculture Hall of Fame
  • CSGA’s 116th Annual General Meeting
  • Honouring Our Best
  • Learn More About Seeds Canada and Ask Questions
  • Thank You to Our Sponsors!
In this issue:
  • Mark Your Calendars for July 7!
  • Reminder of Opportunity to Submit Resolutions
  • CSGA’s 2019 Annual Report is Now Available!
  • In Case You Missed It! Amalgamation Ratification Package and Town Hall Registration
  • Seed Synergy Partner Webinars
In this issue:
  • Notice of the CSGA Annual General Meeting
  • Have Your Say! Reminder of CSGA’s Seed Regulatory Modernization Survey
  • Are You Minimizing Your Inspection Needs? CSGA’s Definition of a Field
  • Bee Kind
  • COVID-19 and the CSGA
In this issue:
  • Changes to CSGA Bylaws
  • Temporary Fees for the 2020-2021 Crop Season
  • Circular 6: New and Improved Version for 2020
  • The 2020 Crop Season has begun!
  • In Case You Missed It: CSGA & CSTA Joint Annual
    Meeting Cancellation
  • In Case You Missed It: CSGA Business Continuity During COVID-19
  • Resource: Canadian Food Inspection Agency Webpages on COVID-19
In this issue:
  • Reminder of Invitation to Comment on Proposed Temporary Fee Increase for 2020-2021
  • Reminder of CSGA Special General Meeting
  • Circular 6 Modernization Continues Revised Standards in effect for the 2020 Crop Production Season
In this issue:
  • Year End Message from President
In this issue:
  • CSGA’s 115th Annual Meting
  • Notice of Special General Meeting
  • CSGA Modernizes Standard for Wild Oats
  • Invitation to Participate in a Survey on Precision Agriculture Conducted by the University of Guelph
  • Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference
In this issue:
  • Grain Discovery and CSGA Pilot Next Generation of Food Traceability
  • Late Spring Seeding: Grace Periods on Application Deadline Dates
In this issue:
  • CSGA, in collaboration with CSTA, invite you to the 2019 Annual Meeting in Whistler, B.C.!
  • Circular 6 Update
  • CSGA secures funding to develop National Occupational Standards and an online education platform
  • CSGA encourages seed growers to invest in plot production
  • Farewell to Gaye O’Bertos
In this issue:
  • White Paper: Decision Time - Next Generation Seed System
  • First Phase of Value Creation Consultations Complete
  • Seed Growers Lend a Hand to Support a National Soil Initiative
  • Announcement: CSGA Board Votes in Favour of Change to Year End
In this issue:
  • Reminder: Notice of Special Member Meeting
  • AAFC and CFIA initiate consultations on potential new value creation models
  • Your input in CFIA’s annual survey helps bring improvements to the seed inspection system
  • Select seed and its multiplications
  • How can CSGA help you market your carry-over seed?
In this issue:
  • Presidents' Message
  • CSGA Releases Its 2017-2018 Annual Report
  • Introducing Your 2018-2019 Board of Directors
  • Honoring the Industry’s Best - A look at this year’s award recipients
  • Federal Government’s Economic Strategy Tables Made Public
  • Seed Synergy Partners a Submission to the 3-Year Targeted Regulatory Review Process for Agri-Food and Aquaculture
  • Thank You to Our Sponsors
In this issue:
  • Application Packages
  • Circular 6 Modernization Survey – Have you participated?
  • Canadian Regulation Changes in 2018
  • Updates to Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Service Providers
  • New Process for Entering New Varieties into CSGA’s System
  • Rendez-vous Montreal 2018 – Charting the Future of Canada’s Seed System
  • New Secretary-Manager at Ontario Seed Growers' Association
  • 8th Annual Meeting of the National Association of Plant Breeders
  • Don't Miss Out on CSGA's 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities
In this issue:
  • Regulation Changes in Effect in 2018 - Circular 6 Updated & Published Online
  • Last Call for the Seed Synergy Online Survey
  • We Want to See You in Montreal 2018!
  • Notice from Health Canada for Importers of Pesticide-Treated Seeds
  • Please Bee Friendly!
  • Are You an Accredited Plot Producer?
  • Looking Ahead to Spring - Does Your Land Meet Land Use Requirements?
  • Tips to Avoid Plants Breeders’ Rights Infringements
  • Eastern Canada sees first Canadian Global Crops Symposium in Toronto
In this issue:
  • Proposed Changes to Circular 6 in 2018? We Want to Hear From You
  • What a ”Next Generation” Seed System for Canada Should Look Like - Participate in Seed Synergy Project Regional Workshops and/or Share Your Ideas Online
  • New Survey Identifies Labour Challenges for Seed Growers
  • The Ontario Branch Raises Its Acreage Fee
  • Save the Date! Annual General Meeting Notice
  • National Food Policy Council Proposal