How do I become a member?
Individuals become members of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) by sending in an Application for Crop Certification and Membership in the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association. Membership fees are $240 for the first member on an account, and $25 for each additional grower on a group account. Membership in the CSGA must be renewed annually.

What are the benefits of membership?
In addition to providing seed crop certification services, a CSGA membership provides:

We keep you connected
We keep you connected with the seed information that matters most to you and your seed business. Important information on the seed industry, updates on crop certification requirements and CSGA activities is delivered to members via our Seed Scoop e-newsletter.

Voting privileges
Members are invited annually to attend the CSGA Annual General Meeting and have voting privileges on policies that shape the Association.

The CSGA works on behalf of its members to support your interest and your business. We work closely with government to shape seed related legislation and regulations. Our voice is also heard internationally at meetings of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) in the United States and the Organization for Economic and Co-operative Development (OECD) Seed Scheme meetings internationally.

The CSGA stands behind the benefits of Certified seed and actively engages with food industry professionals to explain how using food ingredients grown from Certified seed can benefit their food operation. We also advocate to farmers and help them find Certified seed supplies with the use of the Seed Locator. The Seed Locator is a free online searchable database of all pedigreed seed produced and available for sale in Canada.

Research and Development
We monitor, report and support research related to seed production and certification.