Application for Membership and Seed Crop Certification

Growers producing pedigreed seed crops must request the certification of their field to the CSGA by submitting both a CSGA Membership Application/Renewal form and Application for Seed Crop Certification form.

The CSGA Membership Application/Renewal form must be completed and signed by the grower(s) who are producing pedigreed seed crops in the current year. Once completed, each field or plot for certification must be applied for using the Application for Seed Crop Certification form.

Both the signed CSGA Membership Application/Renewal and the Application for Seed Crop Certification forms must be submitted to CSGA to begin and complete the certification process.

Instructions to Complete an Application

Please read the Application Support Document carefully at the beginning of every crop season for detailed instructions on the application and certification process, important updates, and current year fees.

Submission Methods

Electronic application packages are sent to active members with valid email addresses associated with their account in early March. Hardcopy application packages are mailed to active members without email addresses. Applications for the upcoming crop season are accepted as of March of that year.

It is also possible for third parties to submit an application on behalf of a grower with the necessary authorizations in place. For more information on the various submission methods, please refer to the Application Support Document. 

Applications may be submitted to CSGA in one of the following methods:

Electronic Applications
Electronic application is the preferred method of submission. Applications are accepted through SeedCert in one of three ways:

    1. By the grower using the standard online application form
    2. By an authorized third party using the Third Party Application form (if the grower has authorized that third party to do so)
    3. By the grower or an authorized third party using the bulk application submission tool

Hard Copy Applications

Hard copy applications for the CSGA Membership Application/Renewal Form and the Application for CSGA Seed Crop Certification Form are available upon request from the CSGA office. Please do not submit your applications by fax transmission. Hard copy applications should be mailed to the CSGA office.

Bulk Applications

Applicants with a high number of fields may apply for seed crop certification using a bulk application form. To obtain the current version of the CSGA Bulk Application for Seed Crop Certification spreadsheet, please contact the office.

Application Deadline Dates

Applications must be received at the CSGA office by the following deadline dates:

  • May 5 for winter canola/rapeseed
  • May 25 for fall seeded cereals
  • June 10 for fababeans, forages, flax, canola, mustard, corn, and field peas
  • June 20 for all other crops not listed here
  • July 10 for field beans and buckwheat
  • July 25 for soybeans


After CSGA receives an application form, an invoice is sent for the applicable fees as listed in the current year Fee Schedule to the account holder.

Invoices are sent twice per month and are payable upon receipt. A Late Payment Penalty of 1.5% per month will be applied to all outstanding balances 30 days after the invoice date.

Payment can be made via credit card or Interac card through SeedCert or by sending a cheque, made payable to Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA), to the CSGA office. If paying by cheque, please write the applicable account number(s) and the invoice number(s) on the front of the cheque.

CSGA encourages applicants to check their account balance on the ‘Payments’ tab in SeedCert. Crop certificates will not be issued to accounts that are in arrears.

Payment is submitted to CSGA for CSGA fees, Branch fees and, where applicable, the assessments for inspections by the CFIA. Fees for crop inspections performed by an Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Service (ASCIS) are to be paid directly to the ASCIS. Do not submit to CSGA any fees payable to an ASCIS.

Growers may indicate on the CSGA Membership Application/Renewal form if a third party is paying their CSGA membership fees. They may also indicate, on a field-by-field basis on the Application for CSGA Seed Crop Certification, if a third party is paying CSGA acreage fees. If the third party paying your fees is not available in the applicable drop-down lists in the application forms, please ask the third party to contact the CSGA office.

Contracting a Seed Crop Inspection Service

It is the grower’s responsibility to arrange for the inspection of their seed crop by an Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Service (ASCIS) or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The Application for CSGA Seed Crop Certification must indicate the inspection service provider that will be conducting the inspection. To find a service provider operating in your region, please use our online inspection service search tool. CSGA strongly recommends that the grower signs a contract with the ASCIS for the inspection of their seed crops before submitting an application to CSGA.

Land Use Verification

CSGA has a Land Use Verification form (Form 101) that can be used to verify the eligibility of a piece of land for pedigreed seed crop production, prior to planting. CSGA will review the proposed land use plan and will send confirmation on whether the plan meets CSGA’s production requirements. There is no fee for this service. The form can be accessed through the ‘Forms’ tab in SeedCert. Due to liability issues, the CSGA office will not provide land use verification without the completion of this form.

Notice to Seed Growers from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Please read this notice to seed growers from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, containing information to facilitate the work of the seed crop inspectors and governmental program changes.

Definition of a Field

The CSGA’s Field Definition Support Document provides growers, assignees, and ASCIS with a common definition of a “Field”. This document, and the examples found within, can be useful when trying to determine whether separate applications are required for field inspections.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help completing your application. Contact us via email or 613-236-0497 ext. 8803. There is also an online chat feature available on the website to connect you with our office during business hours.