About CSGA

The Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) is a non-profit organization representing the interest of Canadian seed growers.  We provide leadership as the only Canadian organization to monitor and certify pedigreed seed for all agricultural crops in Canada except potatoes.

Canada’s seed industry is recognized and respected around the globe because it ensures mechanical purity, while providing an audit trail that guarantees varietal and genetic identity. It is a system that has given Canada its worldwide reputation as a supplier of quality seed.

Canada’s seed growers have a long established history of providing a field-to-table value chain, one that is rooted in identity preservation and quality assurance. They are committed to Canada’s seed system, its standards and methods of producing clean, true-to-variety, high-quality seed.

As leaders in the seed industry, the CSGA is involved in new and emerging technologies, discussions on timely and topical issues, procedures and policies to monitor and regulate production, and policies to protect its members both domestically and abroad.

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