Get the Certified Advantage

Our website is provided in four sections in order to:

  • help seed growers with the certification of seed crops
  • help plant breeders with the requirements around Breeder seed
  • inform Canadian farmers about the benefits of Canadian Certified seed, and help food processors and end-users understand the benefits and advantages of using ingredients that are grown from Certified seed

For farmers who want to know more about how Certified seed can be a risk management tool for their farms, our “I’m a Farmer/Retailer” web section provides helpful information. You can also access our online Pedigreed Seed Locator database to search for Certified seed suppliers across Canada.

If you are a plant breeder, please visit our “Breeder Seed” webpage to access the Breeder Seed Requirements, forms related to Breeder seed and other plant breeder resources.

If you are a seed grower, click on the “I’m a Seed Grower” section. Here, you can log into your SeedCert account and access regulations, forms, and other seed grower resources.

For food processors and manufacturers, please visit the “I’m a Food Processor” section for information on how Certified seed provides quality ingredients with specific characteristics to improve your food products.