CSGA 2.0 Business Plan

With the conclusion of the Seed Synergy Project, the creation of Seeds Canada, and the once in a generation Seed Regulatory Modernization project finally underway, it is a period of significant change for the seed sector stakeholders. CSGA sees this moment as an opportunity to renew the seed certification system for the next generation, and that’s what the CSGA Business Plan is all about. We don’t just grow seed, we deliver reliable plant breeding innovation to the farm, for the betterment of the entire Canadian agriculture sector. Certified seed in Canada has a bright future, with the potential to do things even more efficiently, offer new services, and drive even more value for all CSGA stakeholders, the seed sector, and Canadian agriculture.

Our Business Plan is based on three big ideas:

  1. CSGA Authority for the Seed Certification System
    • Delivering a comprehensive seed varietal certification program that reliably assures genetic identity, in partnership with the CFIA for the benefit of Canadian agriculture.
  2. Digitalization
    • Transforming the business of pedigreed seed production, marketing, and sales through transparent, digitally enabled, enhanced traceability services that reduce administrative burden, provide additional data & add value.
  3. Governance and Partnerships
    • An inclusive and service-oriented approach, ensuring that stakeholders are engaged in a next generation seed certification system that is professional, resilient, and meets the diverse needs of Canada’s agri-food economy.

Guided by these ideas we have identified seven areas of focus for the next two years:

  1. Seed Policy
  2. Digital Business Model
  3. Professional Development
  4. Governance
  5. Partnerships and Government / Stakeholder Relations
  6. National-Branch Coordination
  7. Promoting the Value of Certified Seed

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