Quality Assurance and Purity in Your Ingredients

Many processors find that using grains and oilseeds produced from Certified seed provides more consistency in their processing. The end result will be ingredients that reliably deliver the yield, texture, flavour, nutritional characteristics and appearance that you expect.

When farmers start with Certified seed that has been grown using specific management practices, the results are consistently predictable with fewer impurities. Having these high standards for purity in your food ingredients means you can reliably deliver:

  • High quality, consistent products – Using grains produced from Certified seed prevents contamination from unwanted seeds (other grains, weeds, diseased kernels, etc.) and provide more consistent functional and nutritional characteristics. That means better quality products for your customer.
  • Product differentiation – Nutritional or aesthetic characteristics are often linked to genetic identity and therefore differ amongst varieties of grains and oilseeds. For example, different barley varieties provide different flavour profiles for beer or different soybean varieties produce different textures, firmness and flavour profiles for tofu. Choosing grains and oilseeds grown from Certified seed, under and identity preserved program, means you know exactly which variety and characteristics to expect.
  • Consistency right from the start – By choosing grains grown from Certified seed you’re buying specific varieties that maximize processing yield, minimize waste and maintain consistency through your processing operation. This helps you control production costs and maintain consistency in your end product.

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