CSGA members range in size and scope from independent family farms to large seed companies and are key enablers of innovation and growth for the entire Canadian agriculture sector. Seed growers are at the heart of the sector and CSGA is committed to representing and supporting them, advancing the seed and agriculture industry with its partners and demonstrating its importance and its benefits to society.

Our new Strategic Plan 2017-2023 confirms that we have a core responsibility to work closely with our partners in government and industry to support a competitive Canadian agriculture sector and maintain Canada’s reputation as a respected global leader in seed quality assurance and genetic traceability.

Strategic Plan 2017-2023 also reaffirms our longstanding commitment to deliver and promote a flexible, responsive and cost-effective seed regulatory and certification system for Canada and Canadians.

Our plan focuses on 5 Key Result Areas:

Trusted, High Performing Seed System
The right regulations, systems, and processes to support seed and agriculture sector growth and prosperity
Supporting Members
The right professional development and technical support services to facilitate member success
Sector Growth
A growing seed industry that offers access to profit- able new varieties and related value creation and sharing opportunities for our members
Industry and Government partners mobilized to enable seed sector success
 Organizational Efficiency & Effectiveness
A CSGA that enables all of the above cost effectively