Breeder Seed

CSGA is the delegated authority for certifying Breeder and Select seed crops and approving Breeder and Select seed as eligible parent seed for further pedigreed seed crop production. CSGA issues Breeder and Select seed tags which can be used on seed harvested from crops certified by the CSGA. When produced in Canada, “seed” can only be finally certified by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA) and sold as Foundation, Registered, or Certified status seed if it was harvested from a “crop” that was certified by the CSGA.

Breeder seed is the highest class of seed certified by CSGA. Produced in small plots by Plant breeders, Breeder seed provides the original parent seed for all other classes of pedigreed seed. It is crucial that this material be as free as practically possible from varietal impurities, other kinds, weed seeds and other foreign material. The plant breeder is responsible for controlling the production of the seed, assuring that it is grown and processed to the highest standards.

CSGA Breeder Seed Program

The Association is also solely responsible for designating CSGA-Recognized Plant Breeders and CSGA-Recognized Associate Plant Breeders through the CSGA Breeder Seed Program. Learn more about our Breeder Seed Program here.

Canadian Breeder Seed Requirements

The Canadian Breeder Seed Requirements provide direction to plant breeders responsible for the production of Breeder seed certified by CSGA and the approval of Breeder seed that has not been CSGA-certified. The document also explains CSGA requirements for peer-reviewed professional recognition of plant breeders and third-party audited quality management systems. These requirements should be used in conjunction with CSGA’s Canadian Regulations and Procedures for Pedigreed Seed Crop Production (Circular 6).

The Breeder Memo 2023 provides information for plant breeders regarding Breeder seed plot production. It includes updates on CSGA Learn, Form 50 data, applying for certification of new varieties, Breeder seed for export, and more. 

Breeder Seed Certification Forms

Application for Breeder Seed Crop Certificate

Plant breeders must submit the Application for a Breeder Seed Crop Certificate (Form 43) to the CSGA office to certify Breeder seed crops. The application is completed electronically with supporting documents, such as certificates of analysis, erucic acid test results, variety descriptions or Form 300 via SeedCert.  

Application for Variety Certification Eligibility
Each new seed variety of crop kinds exempt from registration, which will be identified by variety name on official seed certification tags must have its certification eligibility recognized by CSGA. An Application for Variety Certification Eligibility (Form 300) and variety description (Appendix 1.1 – 1.4) is submitted via SeedCert and a reference seed sample is sent to the CSGA office in the first year of official seed crop certification in Canada. This form is not required for most experimental or Breeder seed crops.

Application for Approval of Breeder Seed Not Certified by the CSGA

Plant breeders must submit the Application for Approval of Breeder Seed Not Certified by the CSGA (Form 40) via SeedCert for CSGA to approve Breeder seed as eligible parent seed for pedigreed seed production by seed growers when CSGA has not certified the Breeder seed.

Application for Plant Breeder Recognition

Individuals wishing to become CSGA-Recognized Plant Breeders or Associate Plant Breeders must complete the Application for Plant Breeder Recognition (Form 43A) in SeedCert to undergo a peer-reviewed evaluation and recognition.

Demotion of Breeder Seed Application

The Demotion of Breeder Seed Application (Form 45) is submitted to the CSGA via SeedCert to demote Breeder seed for the purpose of selling it as Foundation or Registered.