Requesting Feedback on Proposed Changes to Circular 6 – Buckwheat and Cereals


CSGA is requesting feedback on changes proposed by the Regulatory Services Committee (RSC) to the Canadian Regulations and Procedures for Pedigreed Seed Crop Production (Circular 6) before a final recommendation is presented to the Board. The RSC has recommended changes […]

Consultation on Fee Review


The Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) collects fees to deliver on its regulatory mandate to provide a national program of seed crop certification. This revenue enables CSGA to retain its leadership role in Canada’s seed certification system and implement the […]

Seed Scoop – September 9, 2021


In the September 9th issue of Seed Scoop, tell us how your seed yields will be affected by the drought, get more tips on easing the transition to digital crop certificates and don’t miss your chance to have your seed […]

Seed to Succeed Magazine – Summer 2021


The Summer 2021 edition of Seed to Succeed magazine has been published. In this issue, learn about the new digital crop certificates, get ready for the CSGA online Professional Development eLearning program, read the feature article on the Association’s business […]

Part 5 of CSGA’s Recommendations for SRM


With the Canadian Food Inspection Agency undertaking a full-scale review of the Seeds Regulations, excluding Part V, CSGA is offering a five-part information series on its vision for the Canadian Seed System through Seed Regulatory Modernization. In the fifth and […]