CSGA Learn

What is CSGA Learn?

CSGA Learn is Canada’s first online seed learning program offering one-of-a-kind education resources for seed growers and seed sector organizations. The online learning platform provides equal access to seed training across the country, ensuring the seed sector is equipped with the people, skillset and knowledge required for a next-generation seed system. Now everyone in seed production will understand what goes into the Certified blue tag. Seed sector experts developed the learning materials based on the official Canadian National Occupational Standards for seed production.

CSGA Learn increases your knowledge and production skills
to help uphold Canada’s reputation as a reliable supplier of quality Certified seed.

In partnership with the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council and delivering on the Association’s strategic objective to support members with the right professional development services to facilitate their success, CSGA Learn closes the Canadian seed production learning gap. Learn more and enroll at csgalearn.ca.

What does CSGA Learn Offer?

CSGA Learn offers ten online courses prepared to meet the Canadian seed sector’s real learning needs, with each course focusing on a particular aspect of the seed system. Each course includes field crop photos, how-to videos, glossaries, reference links, best management practices, and practical advice from experienced seed growers.

  1. Introduction to the Canadian Seed Sector (offered free of charge) 
  2. Seed Certification Classes
  3. Producing Foundation, Registered and Certified Seed Crops
  4. Seed Crop Certification Process and Traceability
  5. Pre-Inspection and Roguing 101
  6. Plot Production
  7. Harvest, Handling and Storage
  8. Processing, Testing and Selling Seed
  9. Building Your Team
  10. Breeder Seed Production

CSGA has also grouped specific courses together as curated learning programs based on specific learning interests.

  1.  Introduction to Seed Production Program
    • For new seed growers and seed professionals just starting out
  2. Probation Plot Grower Program
  3. Experienced Seed Grower Program
  4. Plant Breeder Program

Learn more and enroll at csgalearn.ca.

Why Should I Enroll?

There are many benefits to enrolling in any of the CSGA Learn courses or programs!

  • New growers! Help you succeed in you first years of certified seed production and understand the modern seed system
  • Experienced growers! Benchmark your skills and knowledge against best management practices and distinguish yourself in the market
  • Plot Growers! Shine a spotlight on seed plot production and on roguing
  • Plant Breeders! You are responsible for assuring Breeder seed is grown and processed to the highest standards – we can help you
  • Accreditation! Work towards a number of CSGA professional designations
  • Train your team! Knowledgeable team members are essential to success. Whether you’re training new employees or updating the skills of current team members, take your workplace training to the next level.

Enrolling provides you with a personal dashboard showing your completed courses and your progress in those you are currently taking. You can also view, download and share completion certificates you have earned during your studies. Learn more and enroll at csgalearn.ca.

You play a vital role in the Canadian Seed Sector!