Standards by the Seed Sector for the Seed Sector

Everyone knows CSGA provides the national seed crop certification program for Canada. But did you know that our standards development process is also a core function?

CSGA is proud to say that Canada’s seed standards are developed by the seed sector for the seed sector through an efficient process that encourages broad stakeholder participation and is agile and able to respond to our sector’s needs.

It all starts with our committees and consultation process that enables input from participants across Canadian agriculture, including growers, plant breeders, companies, inspectors, analysts, end users and government representatives. Our public consultation process allows more voices and opinions to be included in the development of seed standards. Watch our “How We Develop Standards” Webinar.

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Our Process with Multi-Stakeholder Participation

Our Regulatory Services Committee and Crop Specific Working Groups are comprised of technical experts, including seed growers, seed companies, variety developers, plant breeders, seed analysts, seed crop inspectors, the CFIA, and provincial government representatives.

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Our hands-on development process is guided by our core principles to ensure standards put forward are science-based, internationally harmonized and incorporate new technology. It’s also a living process. After adoption, we continuously review our standards to help support Canadian competitiveness— especially when a standard for a new innovative niche crop kind is required.

Our Principles

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The Importance of International Harmonization

As a country that relies heavily on global trade, CSGA represents and supports Canada’s interests at the Association of Official Seed Certification Agencies (AOSCA) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Seed Schemes for the international framework of seed certification in international trade.

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“CSGA is driving many important strategic work projects of the OECD Seed Schemes, particularly the digitalisation of the OECD seed varietal certification system. CSGA is also a key contributor to many standard setting projects. The extended knowledge and practical experiences of the CSGA representatives are much appreciated by Delegates and the Secretariat.”

– Csaba Gaspar, OECD Seed Scheme Programme Manager

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“As a seed certification agency within AOSCA, CSGA represents the largest international agency by acres certified within our Association. CSGA plays an integral role serving on the Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, and numerous crop specific committees. CSGA serves as voice on standards harmonization, between AOSCA and OECD member agencies.”

– Sarah Adams Wilbanks, AOSCA Chief Executive Officer

For more information on our standards development, how you can volunteer for our working groups, and to download the infographics, please click on the documents below.

Our Process

Our Process

Our Framework

Our Framework