CSGA Standards Development

As Canada’s national seed crop certification authority, CSGA establishes and maintains seed crop certification standards for all agricultural crop kinds except potatoes.

Our Process

CSGA’s certification requirements and standards ensure that when certified seed is produced, its varietal identity and varietal purity are maintained by minimizing off-types, particularly harmful weeds and other crop kinds. This is key to maintaining the yield, quality, disease resistance and other distinguishing characteristics of new and improved varieties established by the plant breeder.

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Our Framework

CSGA standards are developed by the seed sector for the seed sector. We ensure everyone involved in the seed value chain is included in our standards development process. That is why our Regulatory Services Committee and working groups include seed growers, seed companies, variety developers, plant breeders, seed analysts, inspectors, provincial government advisors appointed by their ministries, and CFIA representatives. Our public consultation process allows more voices and opinions to be included in developing standards.

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We’re proud of our standards-setting process as it is efficient, encourages broad stakeholder participation, and is agile and able to respond to our sector’s needs. For more information on standards development and how you can volunteer for our working groups, please email us.