Fundamental Variety Verification Testing


Did you know that every year, over 2,000 seed samples are submitted to the CFIA for variety verification testing? And most of the samples are submitted by CSGA-accredited pedigreed seed plot growers. CSGA’s Mike Scheffel explains why variety verification testing […]

A Follow-Up Letter To Members From CSGA President: Next Steps For The CSGA


Dear Members, In my August 28, 2020 letter, I shared the CSGA Board of Directors’ initial perspective on the Seeds Canada amalgamation vote outcome. I indicated then that we faced two options: resume amalgamation discussions or concentrate our energies on […]

October 7 Seed Scoop eNewsletter


In the October 7 edition of Seed Scoop, CSGA President, Joe Rennick provides an update on the next steps for the CSGA. Updates are also provided on seed sample bags, the Seed Regulatory Modernization Working Group (SRM-WG), and the CSGA […]

Seed Certification Possibilities For The Cannabis Industry


With cannabis strain inconsistency a challenge, CSGA’s Mike Scheffel weighs in on seed certification possibilities for the cannabis industry. CSGA’s varietal identity & purity certification services could be key to success in this crowded marketplace. Read more here.