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Looking for Certified seed, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re interested in talking to a Canadian seed distributor about sourcing a particular certified seed variety or participating in an identity-preserved system (IP) there are various options open to you:

List of Registered Varieties

If you know the attributes you are looking for and know the specific variety, you can search a list of suppliers available through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This is an inclusive list allowing you to search by a specific variety. Smaller seed distributors on this list may not offer IP programs.

Major Canadian Seed Distributors

Search our contact list of the major Canadian seed distributors by selecting a crop kind in the search bar. These companies are active supporters of the Canadian certified seed system, are retailers of Certified seed and are open to discuss IP opportunities to suit specific needs.

Select a crop kind to see associated distributors.


For additional information or assistance please contact the CSGA office.