Help us better understand your aspirations for CSGA

December 3, 2020

Dear CSGA Members,

In the recently released fall Issue of Seed To Succeed you will find a series of informative articles on Canada’s seed certification system and CSGA, with an eye to the direction of change.

Since this summer’s Seeds Canada amalgamation vote, your Board of Directors, in consultation with your provincial seed grower associations, have been busy charting CSGA’s next steps in leading that change.

To be in a position to move forward with confidence and with the interests of all our members in mind, we need your input on some key questions. Your answers will help us better understand you and your aspirations for CSGA in Canada’s seed system. Our understanding of the outcome of the amalgamation vote and the factors that most influenced your voting decisions are an immediate priority.

We are being assisted in this endeavour by Stratus Ag Research. Stratus is a Canadian market research company focused entirely on agriculture. They have helped us design a member survey and are conducting it on CSGA’s behalf.

Later today, you will receive an email from Stratus with a link to the member survey. CSGA will not see any information that identifies you, nor will anyone else. You will remain anonymous.

CSGA will receive an analysis of the aggregate data generated by the survey. The higher the survey response rate, the more reliable the data set. So, every member who participates will help to make the data set more reliable.

This is your opportunity to provide candid and confidential feedback on some very important questions and in the process, make a difference. Your input through this survey will help shape the CSGA of tomorrow – CSGA 2.0 – by providing us with a better understanding of how and why we arrived at this point from the member perspective.

Please take the 15-20 minutes needed and complete the survey by December 21, 2020.

Thank you on behalf of the CSGA Board of Directors,

Joe Rennick
CSGA President