February 2021

Notice of Changes to Circular 6 for the 2021 Crop Production Season

Since launching a modernized and reformatted Circular 6 in February 2020, the CSGA has continued efforts to develop certification requirements for new crop types and improve existing requirements. These changes took effect on February 1 for the 2021 crop production season.

Significant changes have been made to the long-standing requirements for higher generation status seed production, including the requirements for Plot Grower accreditation and Foundation status seed production of Section 2 and 3 crop kinds.

Revisions have also been made to isolation requirements for Select and Probation plots, and higher voluntary or additional certification requirements. Clarifications have been made with respect to authorized inspectors and crop inspection, and CSGA’s authority to determine seed crop certification eligibility.

New certification requirements have been developed for: Feminized Hemp Seed (FHS) for Certified production of FHS varieties which produce only female plants; Certified and Foundation production of Composite and Synthetic Mustard (S. alba); and Certified production of Hybrid Wheat with Individual Parent Lines planted in bays or strips.

The complete Notice of Changes to Circular 6, effective for 2021, is available on the CSGA website. The official revised version of Circular 6 and guideline documents for FHS varieties and Hybrid Wheat can also be found on the Regulations tab of the CSGA website.

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Modernized Requirements for Plot Grower Accreditation

New in 2021, CSGA is modernizing its plot grower accreditation program. Growers who elect to complete a new voluntary plot production course, offered through CSGA’s new online professional development program, will see a reduction in the time required to complete the plot probation and accreditation process.

In 2021, growers interested in pursuing a Select grower accreditation will have the opportunity to combine in field seed crop production experience with online plot production learning to accelerate their path to becoming a CSGA-accredited plot grower. Current standards require three years of seed crop experience before being granted permission to begin three years in plot probation production to achieve a Select grower accreditation. Going forward, growers who elect to complete the online plot grower program will see the time reduced to two and two.

The new CSGA eLearning and Professional Development program will launch in autumn 2021. This new program will feature learning materials presented in 10 modules to support new and experienced growers, farm employees and Plant Breeders. This new program brings new opportunities for growers to increase their knowledge and skills as they work towards becoming a CSGA-accredited Plot Grower. Look for regular updates on the Professional Development eLearning program in future Seed Scoop newsletters and CSGA news posts.

For more details on the revised requirements for Plot Grower Accreditation, please see the General Requirements for Probation Plot Production.

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CSGA Enables All Seed Growers to Produce Foundation Status Seed

Changes have been made to Circular 6 to enable all seed growers to produce Foundation class seed. Until now, only accredited Plot Growers could produce Foundation status seed crops of most Section 2 and 3 crop kinds apart from soybeans (subject to certain requirements).

These changes will provide new opportunities for seed growers and companies and could result in more foundation seed crop production in Canada.

The revised requirements for Foundation status seed production can be found online in the General Requirements for All Pedigreed Seed Crops paragraph 15. (4).

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Changes to Canada’s Seeds Regulations Will Impact Seed Growers – Have Your Say Now

The CSGA encourages all seed growers and seed sector stakeholders to participate in and provide input to the CFIA Needs Assessment Survey for Seed Regulatory Modernization (SRM). Help the CFIA understand your perspective and be involved in updating the Seeds Regulations from the outset. The survey is open until March 15, 2021.

With a commitment to transparent and active engagement throughout the process, the CFIA is involving stakeholders – including producers who bear the risks of using seed – throughout the entire process to make recommendations on what changes are needed.

The CFIA is intending to improve flexibility, responsiveness, and consistency, reduce complexity, protect producers and consumers, and streamline existing requirements within the Seeds Regulations.

By completing the survey, you will have your say on topics such as:

  • Benefits of the current regulatory framework and seed system
  • Opportunities for change
  • Key issues to address
  • Views on further industry delivery of regulatory services

It is important to remember that SRM does not include value creation, plant breeders’ rights, plant breeding innovations or the plant health program.

Help shape the scope, scale and direction of regulatory change that affects you directly. Please complete the survey today.

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Notice of CSGA Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association By-law 5:01, members and sector stakeholders are invited to attend the CSGA 2021 virtual Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, April 14, 2021, starting at 10 am EST.

Please visit the AGM event webpage for more information.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Please contact us via email or telephone at (613) 236-0497, ext. 231 to discuss the unique virtual options offered. Thank you for your support!

Call for Resolutions

Regular members, per By-law 3:01 and 5:04, are invited to submit resolutions to the Association no later than Thursday, April 8 at 11:59 pm EST. Those interested should complete and submit the resolutions form via email to Michael Scheffel who is compiling submissions on behalf of the Chair of the CSGA Resolutions Committee, Jonathan Nyborg.

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Germination Awards

CSGA is proud to have sponsored Germination magazine’s 2021 Canadian Plant Breeding Innovation Awards and Scholarships.

  • Van Ripley, Canola breeder winner of the Plant Breeding & Genetics Award
  • BASF’s InVigor L233P hybrid canola earned the Seed of the Year Award

The scholarship winners are:

  • Stanley Adobor to the University of Saskatchewan
  • Jennifer Lin to McGill University
  • Deus Mugabe to the University of Guelph
  • Marla Roth to the University of Alberta

A big congratulations to all!

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