January 22, 2022

SeedTalk Prairies – Sign up for the SRM Update Webinar

The Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Seed Growers’ Associations are hosting a series of seed webinars this winter. As webinars become available for registration, they will be posted on the CSGA Calendar webpage.

The first webinar, “Seed Regulatory Modernization Update,” presented by Wendy Jahn of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and CSGA’s Doug Miller, takes place Wednesday, January 26, 2022, at 9:30 am CT.

Seed Regulatory Modernization is an important review. The right regulations will help revitalize the national seed certification system and protect the trust and reputation of Canada’s seed system. Seed is your business! We encourage you to attend to learn more about the SRM process, CSGA’s positions and recommendations for the future of the seed sector, and what SRM means to you. Please register in advance.

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CFIA Announces “What We Heard” From SRM Consultation

The CFIA’s “What We Heard Report” from the Needs Assessment Survey on Seed Regulatory Modernization (SRM) is now available. The online survey was open from January 28 to March 15, 2021. Feedback from 709 respondents was received for seed-specific topics and from 179 respondents for seed potato-specific topics. 

Overall, respondents indicated they were generally satisfied with the Seeds Regulations and supported changes to improve the existing regulations. There was support for using digital technologies to access information on seed lot quality, endorsement of the seed grading system and interest in accommodating heritage or alternate bred varieties. Respondents supported traceability and maintaining the quality requirements for seed. Areas for further exploration included higher voluntary standards for seed quality and the possibility of extending variety registration to cover varieties of all agricultural field crops. Many respondents expressed concerns about the cancellation of variety registrations. A high-level summary of the results is provided here. 

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CFIA Looking for SRM Task Team Volunteers

The CFIA is currently establishing a second set of Seed Regulatory Modernization (SRM) Task Teams to look into the topics of Common Seed and Seed Testing and is accepting nominations until January 25. 

The Seed Regulatory Modernization project is developing a roadmap for changes to the Canadian seed system. Following the Needs Assessment Survey, three task teams were established, with broad representation from the seed sector and producers, to delve into the details in various subject areas – Seed Standards/Grade Tables, Variety Registration and Seed Certification. With the work from those three initial task teams completed, the project continues with creating task teams on Common Seed and Seed Testing. 

CSGA is a key member of the SRM Working Group and will submit Task Team nominations from our membership. If you are a CSGA member and are interested in volunteering on any SRM Task Team or have questions, please email Mike Scheffel, Managing Director, Policy and Standards.

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Looking to Purchase Seed for Next Crop Season? 

Seed buyers across the country are making their seeding plans for the upcoming crop year. CSGA’s online National Pedigreed Seed Locator and the provincial seed guides are important resources to locate and purchase seed of the variety and class needed for your farming operation. 

Use the search menu in Seed Locator to find Pedigreed seed by province, crop kind and variety.

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AWSA Releases Updated Accredited Seed Treatment Operation Standards

The Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association and CropLife Canada have updated the 2016 Accredited Seed Treatment Operation Standards. These standards are intended to achieve improved stewardship practices in the storage and use of the plant science industry’s seed treatment products. 

The updated 2022 code and a summary of the changes are available on the AWSA website, with only minor revisions made.

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