September 9, 2021

How Will Seed Yields Be Affected by the Western Canada Drought?

This is a difficult time for many with the extreme drought experienced across Western Canada. CSGA is asking growers to complete a short survey to help us assess the scope and scale of production shortages and seed stocks for 2022. Survey responses will help inform policy direction and develop options to address potential seed shortages in 2022.

You can participate in the survey here.

Earlier this season, CSGA suspended late application and cancellation penalties on Section 2 crop kinds applied for after July 12, 2021, to encourage seed certification. Since that announcement, over 220 crop inspection reports have been received.

CSGA has provided a resource list for Western producers here. We thank the various provincial branches for supplying these resources. Please contact us at 613.236.0497 ext. 8803 or email with any comments or questions.

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Tune In Tonight to the National Agriculture Leaders’ Debate

The National Agriculture Leaders Debate, hosted by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, will be broadcast live tonight, September 9, 2021, at 7 p.m. ET at Learn more about each party’s Ag priorities as they debate the issues and outline their visions for the future of agriculture.

Shaun Haney of RealAG Radio and Martin Ménard, a reporter for LaTerre of Quebec (French), will act as moderators. The entire debate will be provided in both languages.

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Easing the Transition to Digital Crop Certificates

Helping growers and crop certificate assignees transition to digital crop certificates is important to us. If you haven’t yet accessed a digital certificate, we encourage you to watch this “How-To” video.

Access and Sharing
When a crop certificate is ready, the seed grower or the crop certificate assignee will receive an email notification informing them that a new CSGA crop certificate is ready in the SeedCert platform. You can now download, print, and share your digital crop certificate from within SeedCert via email with other parties – like a Registered Seed Establishment, for example. SeedCert users are strongly encouraged to protect their account login information and use the sharing features available within the platform to share a copy of their certificate with other parties.

Traceability and Verification
Digital crop certificates offer improved traceability and verification. Crop certificate users can validate a crop certificate and obtain real-time access to all certificate updates through the QR code available on the certificate. When viewing the digital PDF of a crop certificate, simply click the QR code on screen. If you have a printed copy of the certificate, you scan the QR with your smartphone. You will either need to download a QR reader app or enable the “scan QR codes” feature in your phone’s camera.

Completing a Crop Certificate
As previously required with hard copy crop certificates, for a crop certificate to be considered final and official, the grower or crop certificate assignee must declare the total quantity (weight) of seed harvested (before cleaning) and sign the certificate. The total quantity of seed harvested (before cleaning) is the sum of all seed, often from several fields of the same variety and the same pedigreed class listed on that certificate. To declare the quantity of seed harvested (before cleaning) and add your digital signature to a certificate, please log in to SeedCert and visit the Crop Certificate tab. 

To support growers and crop certificate assignees through this change initiative and to support existing business processes, crop certificates may be shared with other parties before a certificate is completed.  

Your Privacy Matters
CSGA is committed to maintaining the privacy and protection of any personal information you provide to the Association. All data we receive is handled in strict compliance with CSGA’s Privacy Policy.

Supporting You Through This Change Initiative
We are committed to supporting you in the transition to digital crop certificates. Should you have questions or need assistance in the SeedCert platform, please use the chat feature available in SeedCert under the “?” icon to connect with one of our staff during CSGA business hours or contact us via email or telephone at 613-236-0497, ext. 8803.

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Ensure Your Seed is Included in this Year’s Seed Listings! Your Consent is Required

Having your seed listed in CSGA’s National Pedigreed Seed Locator and the provincial seed guides is an important marketing tool for seed growers and seed companies. Seed buyers turn to these resources to locate and purchase seed of the variety and class they need for their farming operation.

Don’t miss out!
There are important changes on how to get your seed listed this year. New in 2021, seed growers or crop certificate assignees must explicitly consent to CSGA to be included in any of these listings. Your seed will not be included in the pedigreed seed crop directories without express consent and identification of the personal information you wish to be released. Check with your provincial seed guide publisher for printed version cut-off dates and ensure consent is provided in advance.

Seed growers were asked to provide consent through the 2021 Membership Application Form, while crop certificate assignees were asked to provide consent through the new 2021 Third-Party Information and Consent Form.

To verify your consent or make changes to the personal information provided, growers and crop certificate assignees are encouraged to log in to SeedCert and visit the “My Account” tab to verify your information (as seen below).  For assistance, please contact us via email or call 613-236-0497, ext. 8803.

Only seed registered for sale in Canada is included in CSGA’s Pedigreed Seed Locator and provincial seed guides. 

How to Verify Consent Through SeedCert

Log in to SeedCert, click the head icon in the top right and select “My Account”

Scroll down to the middle of the page to the consent questions

Marketing Your Carry-Over Seed

Growers and crop certificate assignees may have carry-over seed available for sale.  To enter your carry-over seed in these important marketing tools, you may use the Notice of Carry-Over Seed form available under the Forms tab in SeedCert to notify CSGA of any carry-over seed available to be listed. A $50 fee per crop certificate (per variety/class) is applicable and will be charged to your account.

Log in to SeedCert, choose the Forms tab and scroll down to “Notice of Carry Over Seed”

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CSGA Supports Soil Superheroes

As leaders in the Canadian seed sector, CSGA is proud to partner with the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum’s newest exhibit, “Soil Superheroes.”  Healthy soil is the foundation of our food system, and healthy crop production nourishes us all.

Currently on display in Ottawa, the exhibit is also available to book as a travelling exhibit and features Captain Clay, The Mole, and Wonder Worm. They provide an underground perspective on the importance of soil science and conservation.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Soil Superheroes exhibition here.

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GrowCanada 2021

Hosted by CropLife Canada, the annual GrowCanada conference provides a platform to connect with sector leaders from across the country and build a stronger and more vibrant Canadian agricultural sector. GrowCanada partners form a coalition of national stakeholders working together to promote and advance innovation in Canada, including CSGA.

GrowCanada 2021 will take place November 30 – December 2, 2021, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary, Alberta. For more details about the conference and upcoming registration, please visit their website.

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Contact Us

CSGA staff are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember the CSGA national office operates in the Eastern Time (ET) zone.

Telephone: (613) 236-0497
Address: 21 Florence St, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0W6
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