Digital Crop Certificates Have Launched

July 19, 2021

CSGA’s digital crop certificates replace the traditional hardcopy certificates, digital certificates are managed within the SeedCert platform .

How-To Video

CSGA has developed a short video on how to access, sign, and share your digital crop certificates. You can watch the How-To video by clicking the button below.

Since the digital crop certificates replace hardcopy certificates, you will no longer receive them by regular mail. Instead, when your certificate is ready, an email will be automatically sent to the most recent email address provided to CSGA. You will receive one email per day which may include several crop certificates. 

Printing and Sharing

With digital crop certificates, there is no need to print hard copies. However, for those who still prefer paper versions, the digital certificates can be easily printed. 

Growers and Assignees have automatic access to their digital crop certificates. Through SeedCert, you can now easily share certificates. If you share with a grower-authorized third-party account, the certificate is sent directly to the most recent email address on file with CSGA. You can also share digital crop certificates with a specific email address and include a short message. The emails sent will contain a link to the validation page for that crop certificate.

Finalizing a Certificate

As previously required with hardcopy certificates, for a digital crop certificate to be considered final and official, it must include the total quantity (weight) of seed harvested (before cleaning) and it must be signed. The total quantity of seed harvested is the sum of all seed, often from several fields of the same variety and the same pedigreed class listed on that certificate. The amount harvested can be updated at any time. However, if the amount is updated after the crop certificate is signed, the certificate needs to be re-signed.

After the quantity of seed harvested is entered, you sign the crop certificate using the digital signature option. Several crop certificates can be signed at the same time. 

Updates to a Certificate

An advantage of digital crop certificates is the improved traceability and verification via scanning a QR code. By using the QR code, you always have real-time access to all certificate updates.

How to use QR codes

A QR code (Quick Response code) is a scannable barcode that points to a website – in this case, the crop certificate validation page in SeedCert.

When using a PDF version of the digital crop certificate, simply click the QR code with your mouse.  

When using a printed copy of the digital certificate, scan the code using your smartphone. Depending on the type of smartphone, either download a QR reader app or enable the “scan QR codes” feature in your camera.

Storing Other Files and Reports

Another option in SeedCert allows uploading of other documents related to your crop certificates for easy storage in one digital place. This repository can hold your Pedigreed Seed Declarations, lab test reports, or other field or crop documents, keeping everything together for future reference.

Digital crop certificates and SeedCert improvements mark significant steps towards developing a single-window approach for seed regulatory services. In the CSGA 2.0 Business Plan, the digitalization of the Association is one of the top three goals. CSGA is actively modernizing its digital systems, service offerings, and regulations to be more agile and responsive to the needs of the seed sector. The CSGA digital seed crop certificate is the next step in creating a digital, end-to-end, streamlined certification process.

Should you have any questions about digital crop certificates, please contact CSGA at or 613-236-0497, ext. 8803.