Application Deadline Dates Extended Due to Adverse Weather Conditions in Manitoba

June 29, 2022

Due to the adverse weather conditions in Manitoba and subsequent late planting, CSGA is extending the application deadline dates for certain crop kinds in Manitoba.

The deadline to submit an application for membership and seed crop certification to CSGA for crops of Fababeans, Forages, Flax, Canola, Mustard, Corn and Field Peas has been extended from June 10 to July 4, 2022.

All other application deadline dates and their respective grace periods remain unchanged at this time.

Please submit your applications as soon as possible to ensure your inspection service and inspector can plan accordingly. When prioritizing the submission of your applications, fields of flax, field peas, and other crops that are inspected at flowering should be submitted as soon as possible.

Applications of these specific crop kinds received by July 4 will be accepted without late application penalties. Applications for these crop kinds received on or after July 5 will be accepted but will be subject to late application penalties.

For application instructions and requirements, please consult the Application Support Document.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 613-236-0497 ext. 8803.