What You Need to Know: Seeds Canada Memberships

July 21, 2020

CSGA and its Seed Synergy partners are asking you to vote on a proposal to create a single, National Seed Organization (NSO), to be called Seeds Canada to speak with one voice for the sector. To help you cast your vote, we want to share key features of the proposed new organization that will be in place starting on Day 1.

If you are already a member of CSGA or one of the amalgamating partner organizations, your existing membership makes you automatically eligible to become a Seeds Canada member. You will be offered membership in one of three membership classes:

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Seeds Canada Membership Structure 

  • Why is membership voluntary? A founding principle agreed to by the Seed Synergy partners is that membership in Seeds Canada will be voluntary. This is to ensure that Seeds Canada is always working to deliver value to its members and that members see it as a worthwhile investment of their hard-earned money and limited time to be a member of the organization.
  • Will Seeds Canada allow new members to join? As a member-driven organization, Seeds Canada will be seeking to grow its membership base. New members will need to complete a membership application form and have their application approved by the Governance and Nominating Committee of the Seeds Canada Board of Directors, to ensure that they qualify for the class of membership being applied for.
  • How much is my membership going to cost? On Day 1, you will pay the same amount you are paying to CSGA for your membership. Going forward, the Seeds Canada Board of Directors will set membership fee levels factoring in affordability and the cost of delivering services to members. With membership being voluntary in Seeds Canada, the Board of Directors will always need to ensure it is setting fees to match the value that members are getting from the organization. If fees are too high, members will not be attracted. This would not be in Seeds Canada’s interest.

How Does This Compare To My Current Membership Status?

Today, CSGA membership is mandatory to receive seed crop certification. Some seed farms operate with a single seed grower with CSGA membership and voting rights while other seed farms operate with many seed growers on a group account, each with active memberships and voting rights.

For illustrative purposes, meet Seed Sam Farms operating in Sunny, Saskatchewan. Seed Sam Farms has four (4) seed growers on a group account all involved in seed production. Each of the four seed growers is paying a CSGA membership fee and each receives voting rights. Under Seeds Canada, the business entity, Seed Sam Farms, could elect to become a Seed Industry Business Class member. Seed Sam Farms would receive one (1) voting right and would designate one individual to act as their representative to vote on Seeds Canada business. The other three (3) growers could elect to become members under the Seed Industry Professional Class, with full participation rights (Committee member, Board Member, professional development programs) but no or limited voting rights.

How to Learn More and Ask Questions 

Seed growers are encouraged to attend a CSGA Town Hall to hear from CSGA leaders and from other seed growers. This is your opportunity to discuss the amalgamation proposal, share your opinion and ask questions. The next sessions are on July 22 and 23! Register here.


To help you learn more, CSGA has prepared an information webinar on the proposed amalgamation.
Listen to the video on our YouTube channel at a time that is most convenient for you, or even as you are out in the field!



For more on Seeds Canada including the Amalgamation Ratification Package and how to vote by August 27, visit seedgrowers.ca/seeds-canada-ratification.

We are at an important crossroads for
the Canadian seed sector and it is
your moment to stand up and be counted.