Managing Risk and Creating Opportunity with Certified Seed

October 8, 2015

Certified seed plays a critical role in managing risk and creating opportunity for the Canadian seed system. This video explores how Certified seed helped identify and eliminate Triffid, the genetically modified flax variety that threatened the future of Canadian flax; how Certified Seed has also allowed the seed industry to eliminate the need for Kernel Visual Distinguishability; the role it plays in supporting Canada’s barley industry; and how it helps delivers quality assurance, innovation and traceability to the food processing industry.

Last August, CSGA released a video on how the genetics of individual wheat varieties help produce the unique characteristics bakers need to produce everything from bread to crackers, cakes and cookies.  In the video, Dr. Jayne Bock, University of Guelph Adjunct Professor, explains how Canada’s Certified seed system delivers the quality assurance, traceability and innovation bakers require to achieve their baking goals. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here.