May 4, 2022

Bill S-6, An Act Respecting Regulatory Modernization is Tabled in Senate

Bill S-6, an Act respecting Regulatory Modernization, which proposes 46 amendments to 29 acts, including the Seeds Act, was recently tabled by the Government of Canada. While the Bill is broad in scope, all the amendments are intended to help keep federal regulations relevant and up to date.

The Bill has since been adopted at second reading in the Senate and referred to the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce for study.

The key amendment for CSGA and its members is:

“Provide authority for the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association to determine the varietal purity of all seed crops and not just those with grades requiring varietal purity (Seeds Act 
To facilitate international and inter-provincial trade, seeds must be certified, and varietal purity is a pre-requisite for certification. This amendment would provide legal clarity that the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) has the authority to determine varietal purity of all seed crops and not just those where varietal purity is required for grading purposes. The CSGA has been making determinations of varietal purity for all seed crops without this express legislative authority. This amendment would address this legal risk by making it clear in the legislation that this is allowed.”

CSGA welcomes this amendment as it now reflects current practices.

Another amendment is related to the release of seeds:

“Provide clear authority in the act for Part V of the Seeds Regulations respecting the release of seed (Seeds Act) 
This amendment would make it explicitly clear that the Minister has the legal authority to regulate the release of seed. Currently the prohibition to release seed exists only in the regulations. Moving this authority in legislation would clearly establish that the Minister has the authority to regulate the release of seed. This change would address concerns of the Standing Joint Committee for the Scrutiny of Regulations and reduce the risk of a successful legal challenge.” 

The continued digitalization of CFIA and its programs is an additional theme throughout Bill S-6. A complete overview of proposed amendments in the second Annual Regulatory Modernization Bill is available here

Now that the Bill has been referred to the Senate Committee for study, CSGA will be invited to submit a written brief addressing the Bill and will have the option of putting its name forward as a witness and provide testimony. 

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

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Join CSGA and Germination for a Seed Regulatory Modernization Webinar

On May 10, 2022, join us for a discussion with our Executive Director, Doug Miller and Seeds Canada’s Executive Director Barry Senft, on how the two seed industry associations are working to create an effective regulatory system.

This free Germination webinar, “Do We Need Regulation to Ensure Seed Quality?” will review what Seed Regulatory Modernization changes can accomplish and how seed quality is impacted.

Other presenters include Wendy Jahn, National Manager, CFIA Seed Section, reviewing the Seeds Regulations; Sarah Foster, President of 20/20 Seed Labs, speaking to the impact on the Grade Tables; and Dave Harwood, Technical Services Manager with Corteva Agriscience, reviewing the importance of internal systems for quality assurance.

The webinar takes place Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 12 pm CT (1 pm ET). Reserve your seat here today!

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Reminders for the 2022 Crop Season

Seed Crop Certification and Membership/Renewal Applications are now live on SeedCert. Please read the Application Support Document for instructions on applying for seed crop certification and membership and important changes for the 2022 crop season.

Here are a few important reminders for your application process:

Tags and Parent Seed

CSGA requests tags for all parent seed sources not produced by the grower applicant. Tags can be provided when submitting the Application for CSGA Seed Crop Certification online or uploaded in the ‘Forms’ tab in SeedCert.

Don’t Forget Your Maps

A field map and/or GPS coordinates are required for each seed crop and must be submitted with your application or uploaded in the ‘Forms’ tab in SeedCert.

Consent for Pedigreed Seed Crop Listings

Growers and crop certificate assignees must provide consent and can customize the information released in pedigreed seed crop listings that appear in publications, including CSGA’s national Pedigreed Seed Locator and Provincial Seed Guides.

Application Deadlines are Approaching!

Don’t forget to submit your application for seed crop certification and membership to CSGA by the following deadline dates:

    • May 5 for winter canola/rapeseed
    • May 25 for fall seeded cereals
    • June 10 for fababeans, forages, flax, canola, mustard, corn and field peas
    • June 20 for all other crops not listed here
    • July 10 for field beans and buckwheat
    • July 25 for soybeans

Please see the March edition of Seed Scoop for specific information. If you need any help with your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email or at 613.236-0497 ext. 8803.

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Understanding the 2022 Application Season: A CSGA and ASCIS Association Webinar

CSGA, with the Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Service (ASCIS) Association, is pleased to offer a webinar to help growers understand changes and requirements for the 2022 application season. 

Brianna Chouinard, CSGA’s Manager, Certification, will provide updates on CSGA’s application process, and the ASCIS Association will speak to steps growers can take to help ensure a smooth inspection.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at 9 am ET for the French session, and 11 am ET for English. The webinar will be recorded and made available on our YouTube channel to reference at your convenience.

Please register here

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Government of Canada Considering Changes to Pesticide Regulatory System

The Government of Canada is considering changes to Canada’s pesticide regulatory system.

Advancing Agriculture has launched a campaign to support science-based decision-making and innovation in Canadian agriculture.

If you are interested in learning more or showing your support by sending a letter of support, click here.

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