June 2, 2022

Delayed Spring Seeding: Grace Periods on Application Deadline Dates

Spring has finally arrived, but a wet start for many of our members has created a less than sunny outlook leading into seeding. CSGA is closely monitoring how seeding is progressing across Canada.

We understand that each year brings new and different seeding conditions across the country. Our application deadline dates are built around this uncertainty, providing a 14-calendar day grace period to allow flexibility for seeding situations like this. This grace period means late application penalties will not be applied until 15 days after the applicable deadline.

If you are still concerned that you cannot submit your application within the grace period, please contact the CSGA office as soon as possible at (613) 236-0497 ext. 8803 or via email. We wish all our members ideal conditions for seeding.

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Who Should be on Your CSGA Membership Account?

The only constant in farming and life is change. Whether you’re looking to retire or a new grower wanting to plan a future on the family farm, farm succession planning is incredibly important.

By adding active growers in the business to your CSGA membership, you’re giving yourself more options for the future, and giving them the information and insights they need to support your business.

In 2020, CSGA made it easier to add members to your account by amending its membership fees to $240 for the first member on an account and only $25 for each additional member listed – representing a savings of $175 per additional member. These changes aim to increase the representation of those involved in seed production and encourage succession planning, so we encourage you to document all active growers on your farm operation.

Years of pedigreed seed crop production experience are required to apply to start plot probation in order to obtain a plot grower accreditation. Plot Grower Accreditation is attributed to an individual – it is not applied to the farm – nor is it transferable, so helping the next generation gain experience for future accreditation is an important aspect of a seed business succession plan.

There are many benefits to CSGA membership besides seed crop certification services.

  • We keep you connected with the seed information that matters most to you and your seed business.
  • You have voting privileges on CSGA business that help shape your Association.
  • We advocate for Certified seed and the certification system domestically and abroad.
  • We promote the benefits of Certified seed and a strong third party seed certification system.
  • We monitor, report and support research and development related to seed production and certification.

If you want to add growers to your account, you can identify them on your CSGA Membership Application/Renewal Form or contact the office. Once your form is submitted, you can update your account information in SeedCert using the ‘My Account’ tab.

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CSGA Invited as Witness at Senate Standing Committee on Bill S-6

On Thursday, May 5, 2022, our Executive Director, Doug Miller, appeared as a witness at the Senate of Canada’s Standing Committee on Agriculture & Forestry Committee as part of the study of Bill S-6, an Act respecting Regulatory Modernization, which proposes 46 amendments to 29 acts, including the Seeds Act. This is part of a regular review of federal regulations to ensure they are relevant and up to date. This committee was asked to specifically study the sections of the Bill relevant to the broader agricultural sector.

The key amendment for our Association and membership as part of this study is: “Provide authority for the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association to determine the varietal purity of all seed crops and not just those with grades requiring varietal purity (Seeds Act).” 

As Canada’s national seed crop certification authority, we welcome this amendment as it clarifies our authority to determine the varietal purity of all seed crops, not just those where varietal purity is required for grading purposes.

We see this amendment as housekeeping in nature, reflecting the current operational nature of Canada’s seed crop certification system. Though it is an important clarification because it ensures new, niche and specialty crop kinds a pathway to seed certification in Canada and enables international trade.

During the meeting, Doug stated our support of this amendment relative to CSGA’s role in the Seeds Act and the spirit of the regulatory modernization initiative, which is to remove barriers to and support innovation and economic growth.

The Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry is expected to deliver its report to the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce. They are studying the Bill S-6 overall in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the final recommendation and next steps.

You can watch a recording of the Senate Committee session here. More detailed information on Bill S-6 is available here.

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CSGA’s 2022 AGM is Wednesday, July 6

Please join us on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm EDT for CSGA’s virtual 118th Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is open to all members and stakeholders. This is your opportunity to hear directly from your Board of Directors and key staff and help shape the direction of the Association.

Advanced registration is now open. The agenda is available on the AGM webpage. Additional details will be posted on the CSGA website.

Submit a Member Resolution

Resolutions allow members to express their views on matters related to the affairs of the CSGA. Any Regular Member (per By-law 3.01) may submit a resolution to the Association no later than Friday, June 24, 2022, by 11:59 pm EDT.

Regular members interested in submitting a resolution should complete this form and submit it via email to Gail Harris, who compiles submissions on behalf of the Chair of the CSGA Resolutions Committee, Jonathan Nyborg.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact us via email or telephone at (613) 236-0497, ext. 241 or 229.


Thank you to all our sponsors for their support!​


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CSGA Joins the Agriculture Carbon Alliance

We are pleased to announce that CSGA has joined the Agriculture Carbon Alliance (ACA) as a member of its national coalition, which represents >7% of Canada’s land (roughly 62 million hectares) and includes 190,000+ farm businesses.

We support the ACA’s commitment to meaningful and collaborative dialogue with the federal government around carbon pricing and creating a sustainable and thriving agriculture and agri-food sector in Canada. The work being done by the ACA ensures that Canadian producers’ sustainable practices are recognized.

The ACA was formed to ensure that Canadian farmers and ranchers are included in important discussions about environmental policies and regulations that directly affect their businesses and livelihoods. The ACA Press Release is available here, and more information about the Alliance is available online.

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Looking for your Crop Certificate in SeedCert?

With seed crop certification application deadlines approaching, you may be looking for your crop certificate in SeedCert. To help you access your certificate, we have provided this short video for you.

Please remember that if you are planting purchased seed, you must have that seed’s crop certificate number to apply for certification. We also strongly suggest you provide the crop certificate number even if you are planting your own seed.

CSGA also has an entire webpage dedicated to digital crop certificates, including helpful tips and a “How-To” video. As always, please reach out to us via email or call 613-236-0497, ext. 8803 with any questions.

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The CSGA-ASCIS Association May 24 Webinar is Now Available Online

On May 24, CSGA and the ASCIS Association hosted an “Understanding the 2022 Application Season” webinar, helping growers understand changes and requirements for the 2022 application season.

Brianna Chouinard, CSGA’s Certification Manager, provided updates on CSGA’s application process, and Amelia Hamilton of the ASCIS Association presented steps growers can take to help ensure a smooth inspection.

If you couldn’t attend, the webinar was recorded and is available here.

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New Health Canada Guidance on Plant Breeding Innovation

Health Canada recently published their guidance on plant breeding innovation. This update sets out clear, science-based requirements for researchers developing new, innovative varieties with a wide range of enhancements.

The new guidelines remove uncertainty for plant breeders and give farmers better access to new, safe, and beneficial plant varieties. You can review them here.

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CSGA staff are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember the CSGA national office operates in the Eastern Time (ET) zone.

Telephone: (613) 236-0497
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